Allergic là gì

a condition that makes a person become siông chồng or develop skin or breathing problems because they have eaten certain foods or been near certain substances:

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a condition that causes illness when someone eats certain foods or touches or breathes in certain substances:
It is important to lớn note that asthma is highly heterogeneous, và that the asthmatic inflammatory response does not always correspond closely lớn classical allergy.
Its etiolô ghích pathogene, along with the basic mechanism of immune allergy causing angiitis, have sầu yet khổng lồ be clarified.
Các ý kiến của những ví dụ ko trình bày cách nhìn của những biên tập viên hoặc của University Press tuyệt của các công ty trao giấy phép.
If a patient reported year-round allergies, they were classified as suffering from a chronic allergic condition.
However, the relationship between changes in rates of infection và allergy is complex và not fully understood.
By the same token, individuals with an extremely sensitive immune system may more easily fall prey khổng lồ severe allergies or autoimmune diseases.
Leather dust can be carcinogenic and causes allergies, both of which represent a threat to the local population.

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There are theories not involving infection, including the theory invoking allergy to synthetic detergent, that suggesting antigenithành phố khổng lồ mites, & that suggesting allergy khổng lồ mercury.
The authors concluded that the atopic nature of the parents significantly affected the allergy incidence in their children.
All newborns whose family history suggests an increased risk of developing allergy have a kiểm tra to lớn determine whether they actually have an increased allergy risk.
Metals and compounds like chromium và phenol are carcingenic và dyes like azo are both carcinogenic & allergy inducing.
To avoid potential drug interactions, new patients must complete a form indicating what other medications they are currently taking, allergies, & medical history & conditions.




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