Avenue (noun) definition and synonyms

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We drove down the avenue. We plan khổng lồ pursue all available avenues lớn get our message lớn the public. They have sầu closed off that avenue of discussion. a new avenue of research
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Recent Examples on the Web Even with their procedural advantage, Democrats’ avenue to victory in the Senate was pockmarked with delays. — Alan Fram, BostonGlobe.com, "House set lớn vote on virut relief, Biden on cusp of triumph," 10 Mar. 2021 Even with their procedural advantage, Democrats’ avenue to lớn victory in the Senate was pockmarked with delays. — Alan Fram, chicagotribune.com, "Stimulus kiểm tra updates: US House expected lớn sover $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill to lớn Biden," 10 Mar. 2021 Mountain View College is located at 4849 W. Illinois avenue in Dallas, with people attending encouraged to lớn use the main entrance. Water và packages with personal protection material will also be distributed. — Carmimãng cầu Tiscareño, Dallas News, "Free food distribution Saturday in Oak Cliff," 4 Mar. 2021 Forty Acres Fresh Market found its way inlớn the Blaông chồng community through a surprising avenue — public transit. — April Siese, CBS News, "Five Blaông xã businesses making a difference in their communities and thriving despite COVID-19," 24 Feb. 2021 The piece is a gigantic banner, displayed across the institution’s avenue facade. — Charles Passy, WSJ, "Museum Facades Are Thủ đô New York City’s Lachạy thử Canvas for Art," 3 Dec. 2020 Increasing manufacturing capathành phố by buying và converting more plants or making giao dịch with other pharmaceutical companies, lượt thích Pfizer has done more recently, is another avenue. — Popular Science, "Ramping up COVID-19 vaccine production is harder than it seems," 19 Feb. 2021 Those portals are the avenue to getting a firefighting job, which Countryman did, becoming an inaugural member of the Phoenix Crew, a state hotshot crew that hires former inmates of both genders. — Catie Cheshire, The Arizona Republic, "Female inmate firefighters build character but often can’t use fire skills after release," 15 Jan. 2021 For now, TelAbortion remains the only avenue for women lớn access abortions by telemedicine. — oregonlive, "During the pandemic, telemedicine abortions become crucial resource for women," 15 Feb. 2021

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History and Etymology for avenue

Middle French, from feminine of avenu, past participle of avenir lớn come khổng lồ, from Latin advenire — more at adventure

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