1 plural also banditti ban-​ˈdi-​tē : an outlaw who lives by plunder especially : a member of a bvà of marauders

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banditry ˈban-​də-​trē noun

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Recent Examples on the Web For fast-moving bird-feeder action or to lớn catch your trash-tipping bandit, try a delay of one lớn five seconds, along with the faskiểm tra trigger speed. — Thủ đô New York Times, "Why You Need a Wildlife Camera," 3 Mar. 2021 Analysts said the culprits were likely one of the heavily armed bandit groups that have sầu become increasingly powerful across swaths of Nigeria’s northwest, and not the jihadist groups based in the northeast. — Joe Parkinson, WSJ, "More Than 300 Girls Kidnapped in Lathử nghiệm Nigerian School Abduction," 26 Feb. 2021 Ben Moon, a staff thành viên at the restaurant who was working Saturday night, told KDVR in Denver that the man’s reservation was even made under the name COVID bandit. — James Leggate, Fox News, "‘COVID bandit’ leaves $6,800 tip for Colorabởi restaurant staff," 26 Feb. 2021 The battle ended with the shield-maiden defeating the bandit in an impressive face-off that ranks as one of the show’s greakiểm tra fight sequences. — Sadie Gennis, Vulture, "Vikings’ Most Memorable Deaths, As Chosen by Its Creator," 11 Jan. 2021 But an aging bandit who lived nearby said that the dog was too easily won over with treats. — Ben Taub, The New Yorker, "Murder in Malta," 14 Dec. 2020 The ferrets are identifiable by their elongated stature, racoon-like bandit masks và dark-colored legs and tail. — Theresa Machemer, Smithsonian Magazine, "Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine Reaches America’s Endangered Ferrets," 4 Jan. 2021 Inspired by Peach Blossom Spring, the highwaymen have sầu tried khổng lồ create a bandit utopia. — James Mcelroy, Washington Examiner, "A Chinese guide khổng lồ our cultural revolution," 31 Dec. 2020 Will the sixth game finally upkết thúc the tower-climbing, bandit-camp-raiding, hunting loop that the last three titles and most Ubisoft games have sầu adhered to? — Washington Post, "The most anticipated games of 2021," 29 Dec. 20đôi mươi

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History and Etymology for bandit

Italian bandito, from past participle of bandire to banish, of Germanic origin; akin khổng lồ Old High German bannan lớn commvà — more at ban

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