1 : lớn speak to or address in a witty và teasing manner She laughed & bantered hyên a little, remembering too late that she should have been dignified and reserved.— Kate Chopin

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banterer ˈban-​tər-​ər noun
banteringly ˈban-​tə-​riŋ-​lē adverb

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Synonyms for banter

Synonyms: Verb

yuk (or yuck)

Synonyms: Noun

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Can banter be vicious?


Banter refers lớn a khung of jesting or to lớn the act of exchanging joking repartee. Although the word once meant “ridicule,” and though it has a regional sense "a challenge or dare" (as in, "he performed a banter , jumping from the roof onto the snowbank"), in modern use it usually refers khổng lồ a light-hearted size of wit. You would not be wrong khổng lồ say that someone engages in “cruel banter,” if that is what is intended, but the word is far more often encountered in combination with modifiers such as witty, friendly, or lighthearted.

Verb the teacher bantered pleasantly, albeit a bit awkwardly, with the students at the school dance Noun I enjoyed hearing their good-natured banter. members of the Algonquin Round Table were known for their brilliant & witty banter
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Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Superman used lớn banter with Lex Luthor before their battles. — Rebecca Sugar, WSJ, "Cancer Is Different the Second Time," 11 Mar. 2021 As much as chatting with Chloe x Halle feels like catching up with friends from college, their stories of sun protection aren"t just banter. — Devon Abelman, Allure, "Chloe x Halle Want You lớn Wear Sunscreen Every Day," 10 Mar. 2021 The conversation is mostly jokes & banter between the real-life friends, but Harry also got surprisingly candid throughout, offering a glimpse into lớn the circumstances that led him và Meghan Markle to lớn step baông xã (not away) from the Royal Family. — Ineye Komonibo,, "Prince Harry Is More Comfortable With The Crown Than Royal Family Gossip," 26 Feb. 2021 Instead, Heughan & McTavish, both Scottish, drive a camper van through parts of their native country và peaceably banter, in a series that radiates both bonhomie và người service. — Sophie Gilbert, The Atlantic, "What Will We Want When We Can Travel Again?," 3 Mar. 2021 The idea sprung from friendly locker room banter ahy vọng the Barons, who were in desperate need of a kicker. — David Hinojosa,, "Saint Mary’s Hall kicker Hunter Hoelscher proves she’s no joke," 5 Nov. 2020 Nearly half of Wilson’s rhapsodic monologues và banter among muốn the session musicians has been cut or substantially condensed. — Michael Phillips,, "‘Ma Rainey’s Blaông xã Bottom’ review: In 1927 Chicago, Chadwiông chồng Boseman, Viola Davis & August Wilson play glorious three-part harmony," trăng tròn Nov. 20đôi mươi The Morning Show actress graced the 2020s Emmys stage tonight to help facilitate some delightfully corny award show banter with host Jimmy Kimmel — and tell some run-of-the-mill social distancing jokes. — Natalie Morin,, "Jennifer Aniston Crashed The Emmys To Sanitise The Stage," 21 Sep. 20đôi mươi An upbeat Fisher has reason for rascally banter heading inkhổng lồ his third season with the Aggies — primarily because so far there is a season for the SEC, along with the Big 12 và ACC. — Brent Zwerneman,, "Jimbo Fisher thrilled Texas A&M is baông chồng at work," 18 Aug. 2020 Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Her sense of humor & witty banter added to lớn the electric atmosphere in the stadium, allowing the crowd khổng lồ connect with her on a personal màn chơi. — Hank Shteamer, Rolling Stone, "Our Last Shows: ‘Rolling Stone’ Staffers Look Baông chồng at Their Final Concerts Before the World Went Quiet," 10 Mar. 2021 Television has room lớn wander a little, to phối in moments of behavior and banter. — Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times, "With ‘Justice League,’ Superman is baông xã in movies. But he’s always been better on TV," 9 Mar. 2021 The discussion between them (after a lot of brawling in the sky) is filled with witty robotic banter that leads the white Vision to lớn stand down. — Washington Post, "The ‘WandaVision’ finale did what it had to lớn do — not what we wanted it khổng lồ vị," 6 Mar. 2021 The story features the usual Disney complement of cute critters và likable supporting players, some of whom spout comic banter that hews more anachronistic than mythic. — Tribune News Service, cleveland, "‘Raya và the Last Dragon’ is a moving adventure (review)," 5 Mar. 2021 The book has the spritely pace & banter of the best rom-coms, as well as a killer concept. — Maureen Lee Lenker,, "Hot Stuff: February romance novels are tender và warmhearted," 1 Mar. 2021 Their wit và banter, especially over video clip games, social media và their rival Cowboys-Eagles fandom, has been well documented. — Callie Caplan, Dallas News, "Luka Doncic is 22, Jalen Brunson is surging, and the Mavs’ 2018 draft class has never looked better," 28 Feb. 2021 The 2021 Golden Globes will be a hybrid-ceremony with portions featuring live sầu banter from Fey và Poehler and the presenters in their separate Globes hubs, & other bits focused on the nominees accepting their awards via Zoom. — Sabienna Bowman,, "Obviously, The 2021 Golden Globes Will Be Weird — Here’s What To Expect On Sunday," 26 Feb. 2021 The story features the usual Disney complement of dễ thương critters và likable supporting players, some of whom spout comic banter that hews more anachronistic than mythic. — Tribune News Service, cleveland, "‘Raya và the Last Dragon’ is a moving adventure (review)," 5 Mar. 2021

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