Bắt Mắt Tiếng Anh Là Gì

It encapsulates a popular view that headlines are just eye-catching words crammed together to create the maximum shock-horror effect.

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The short forms are eye-catching (and ear-catching); correspondingly, the more frequent long forms would be odetyi, umnyi, milyi. The singers enhance their lyrics with provocative strutting, eye-catching & sometimes outrageous, self-designed costumes. Urbanites learned of the new products và goods available khổng lồ them through print truyền thông, sale spectacles, like raffles, và other forms of eye-catching public display. A minor, yet important change was using much brighter paper & bigger posters so that they would be eye-catching. 1859 - 1903 715 a time when increasingly accessible foreign web11_news, eye-catching photographs & secular advertisements captured column space. The eye-catching photos accompanying the story of course contain nary an oil rig, not a single plate of stir-fry. It is in the nature of the evidence that the eye-catching và contentious leave sầu the most legible record. Finally, we hope that the new eye-catching thiết kế for the journal will help khổng lồ symbolise the changes we are instituting. What had once seemed eye-catching now seemed offensive sầu, what had once seemed up-to-date now seemed old-fashioned, what had once seemed supremely functional now did not seem to work. The effective use of language stimulates the consumer"s desire, và ads that use easily read eye-catching phrases - with their salient point(s) emphasized - are more popular. These images are particularly dangerous for children, because their eye-catching nature increases the risk of children ingesting them. This will ensure that visitors, và in particular the younger generation, will have sầu an eye-catching and thought-provoking experience. People of all ages, including children, have been exposed khổng lồ clever and eye-catching advertising material. Các quan điểm của các ví dụ không diễn tả quan điểm của các biên tập viên mni-alive.com.dế yêu mni-alive.com hoặc của mni-alive.com University Press xuất xắc của các đơn vị cấp giấy phép.

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a female bee that cannot produce young but collects food for the other bees that it lives with

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