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‘you were going a bazillion miles per hour!’‘We give sầu out something like a hundred bazillion * dollars every year (* figure adjusted for inflation).’‘Maybe it"s just me, but my current spam load went from zero khổng lồ a bazillion emails about Rolex watches.’‘And I don"t mean I broke a bowl, although I did break one last week in a freak ice cream scooping incident that sent my bowl flying off of the counter and onto the floor into a bazillion little pieces.’‘This chore was a bazillion times better than kitchen patrol & each of us coveted it.’‘I was certain people could hear it from a bazillion miles away.’‘I"m going lớn start a new game, và this time I"m going to make bazillions.’‘Burros wander the streets & you look up and see nothing but bazillions of stars.’‘War, of course, besides being bad for children, is also bad for other living things, và one nuclear bunker-buster (especially when followed by a few bazillion more) can ruin your whole biosphere.’‘‘One day down, only a bazillion more to go,’ Adrienne greeted me.’‘You"ll make me go out into the big bad world và interact with a bazillion ugly people who hate me.’‘I think my face turned a bazillion different colors of red.’‘I wish my heart would stop beating a bazillion times a minute.’‘There were also a bazillion great olive sầu oils, cheeses, pastas, jams, dips, spreads and marinades.’‘Of course you bởi vì, you & the bazillion of us who are Lianca fans.’‘Later - much later - that night, I lay in bed with my mind racing & my heart beating at a bazillion miles a minute.’‘Even with the postage baông xã to lớn the UK, a good old Aussie frypan was still a bazillion times cheaper than buying a new oven.’‘Imagine you were me & you have sầu like a bazillion posts written over a year or more.’‘It tastes about a bazillion times better than the beer, và that"s ok by me.’‘I"ve sầu only repeated this about a bazillion times.’‘I just got back from seeing about a bazillion movies.’

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