Blank Room Soup Là Gì

The đoạn Clip that’s now typically referred to lớn as the “Blank Room Soup” video isn’t actually called “Blank Room Soup.” When it first appeared on the internet, it was under the title “freaky soup guy” — which, honestly, is an apt description: A mere minute in length, it features a man in a white tank top seated at a large table in an otherwise empty room, eating what looks lượt thích a bowl of soup with a comically oversized spoon. He’s also crying, although we can’t actually see any tears; his eyes have sầu been blanked out with one of those blaông chồng censor bars. Just the sound of the crying is enough lớn make it disturbing, though: It’s the kind of crying that’s so distraught that it sounds like laughter. It might even be laughter, in some strange way.

True to the video’s name, the soup guy is, in fact, freaky.

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RayRay in the 2006 video “RayRay-Resolution.” Yes, one is pixelated, while the other is not.

So: What are we to bởi with all of this?

Some possibilities:

The original narrative (e.g. that the suits were stolen và “Blank Room Soup” was made by someone else) is true.Nigma’s story is true và everything we thought we knew before it came out is a lie.Nigma’s story is made up.Nigma’s story is partially true, but with some details made up.The whole thing is an elaborate fiction spun by Persay mê himself.

I can’t say for sure whether any of these explanations — or anyof the explanations I haven’t thought of — are true. I still think Icome down mostly on the side of the original narrative: That Persi createdRayRay; that the costumes were stolen; and that “Blank Room Soup” was made bythe people who stole the costumes as a creative sầu sort of fan letter. But let’s performa thought experiment. Let’s entertain the possibility that the last bulletpoint in my list of possibilities could be true.

Permê mẩn could have sầu created Blank Room Soup.

He could have told ReignBot he didn’t.

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He could have sầu told Nigma he did.

He could have sầu claimed to lớn Nigma that he was speaking lớn a hacker, and that a hacker had also intercepted ReignBot’s communication.

I think all that is unlikely — again, it’s just… soweirdly complicated that I can’t imagine it being the most feasibly explanation— but it’s not totally improbable.

For what it’s worth, Persi does occasionally seem to lớn create alter egos and make comedic YouTube videos starring them for his friends. For example, consider the handful of videos starring someone named “Roy” Permê mẩn has posted on his Tumblr. Roy is usually referred to lớn as a “friend” — in quotation marks — and… as far as I can see… Roy, his brother Troy, & the various other people who appear on Roy’s YouTube channel all seem to be played by Permê man. Or at least, I think they are — it’s hard lớn verify, but it certainly looks to be the case.

I’m just… going khổng lồ leave sầu that there for now.

But hey, no matter what the true story really is, at least it’s pretty clear by now that “Blank Room Soup” isn’t a snuff film, right?


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