Café Au Lait

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Tracy Wilk is a professional pastry chef, recipe developer & chef instructor, và, most importantly, a firm believer in sprinkles.
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If you're artistic, you might want khổng lồ try your hvà at using the steamed milk to create latte art.

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You don't need a fancy steam w& or an espresso machine lớn make steamed milk at home page. Here's a foolproof technique that produces great results.

Pour the desired amount of milk into lớn a glass jar (a Mason jar works well).Screw on a cover và shake the jar hard for 45 seconds. This will incorporate air (similar to lớn what happens when heavy cream is whipped). Stop shaking when the milk has doubled in volume.Unscrew the cover và place the jar in a microwave sầu và heat on high for 30 lớn 45 seconds. Watch it carefully. If the milk gets too hot, the air you've shaken inlớn it will deflate. A good rule of thumb is to lớn heat until the jar is hot khổng lồ the touch but not so hot that you need a potholder.Remove sầu from the microwave sầu and move the foam on top to a side while you pour the steamed milk inlớn the coffee. Then spoon that highly prized foam on top.
How to Make Frothed Milk by Adding Steam

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