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Noun For a man who was once a very popular actor, working in a nightclub is quite a comedown.

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after a rapid rise lớn stardom, the rochồng band"s comedown was just as quiông xã Verb let"s wait and see what comes down at the meeting
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Recent Examples on the Web: Noun The giảm giá, the exact dollar figure of which remained unclear, represents quite a comedown for the one-time highflier. — Amy Feldman, Forbes, "Zenefits, Once Worth $4.5 Billion, Does Deal With Private-Equity Firm That Gives It Control," 19 Mar. 2021 This is a comedown from last April, when Mars was much closer to Earth và appeared more than four times brighter. — Joe Rao, Scientific American, "See the Moon và Mars Meet Up in Night Sky Saturday," 5 July năm trước Alibaba’s swift comedown has led investors to lớn reassess the regulatory risks faced by Chinese internet companies. — WSJ, "Alibaba Shares Tumble Again After Beijing Tightens Screws on Ant Group," 28 Dec. 2020 From Boeing khổng lồ bailouts, the aviation industry had one of its worst years in 20đôi mươi, a radical comedown after a run of profits right up to coronavirus lockdowns. — NBC News, "20trăng tròn was brutal for airlines. Next year could be even trickier.," 28 Dec. 20đôi mươi Still, it"s been quite a comedown over the past three decades for America"s lettuce, introduced by seed purveyor W.

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Atlee Burpee và Co. in 1894. — Justin Fox, Star Tribune, "Americans turn over a new leaf, in the produce aisle," 23 Oct. 20trăng tròn Normal life can be a comedown—especially during quarantine. — Tyler Foggatt, The New Yorker, "A Star of “The Boys” on Sending Up the Superhero Genre," 3 Oct. 2020 Full figures for Tuesday night’s sự kiện will be available later Wednesday, but the initial numbers suggest a comedown -- especially for broadcasters. — Gerry Smith,, "Trump-Biden Debate Draws Fewer Viewers Than Clinton Matchup," 30 Sep. 2020 The pure abstraction và infinite possibilities of online existence still suit and excite me, và returning khổng lồ material things & the obligations of creaturely existence can feel lượt thích a comedown. — 1843, "The internet, tháng amour," 19 June 20trăng tròn

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