Food is an awesomni-alive.come way lớn connect with other people. mni-alive.comost of the people that dine alone often go to the restaurants where they don't have to lớn spend mni-alive.comore than 15 mni-alive.cominutes by themni-alive.comselves, why? Often because there is either a laông chồng of timni-alive.come or people feel emni-alive.combarrassed lớn dine alone in a 'normni-alive.comal' restaurant. That's why we started Chattable, a social dining platsize that helps you mni-alive.comeet new people và mni-alive.comake new friends by sharing a table in restaurants around you.

What did we achieve?*** Dutch Interactive Award Nomni-alive.cominee: Social và Networks ****** Winner Valley Startup Comni-alive.competition ****** Top 100 Get in The Ring ***

Chattable takes away the social boundaries that people experience when they decide not to lớn approach somni-alive.comeone for a casual conversation. Without these boundaries, it becomni-alive.comes mni-alive.comuch easier to lớn nói qua a table with somni-alive.comeone for a casual dinner.

We only show the thành phố and country you are, that’s it!We believe that you don’t need khổng lồ know how somni-alive.comeone looks like or what kind of job somni-alive.comeone has to have sầu a mni-alive.comeaningful conversation. That’s why we only mni-alive.comô tả the thành phố & country you are

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Herewith we prevent other people targeting you for who you are or what you vì chưng. This brings us bachồng to the basic belief of Chattable: Comni-alive.combining good food with good without any (unwanted) expectations.

This is how it works•Find a Chattable-restaurant in the app•mni-alive.comake a reservation for a restaurant or just walk in•Check-in. This mni-alive.comakes you visible for other Chattable-users•mni-alive.comake acquaintance with your table comni-alive.companions và enjoy your Chattable experience!

Features•mni-alive.comeet people nearby, in your hotel or thành phố where you are traveling.•mni-alive.comeet new friends, anonymni-alive.comously. No need lớn share your personal details up front. •We will hook you up with interesting people, you will mni-alive.comeet in the restaurant.•No awkward social hurdles, Everyone is open to mni-alive.comeet and have a conversation.•Easy sign in via LinkedIn or Facebook•Cheông xã available Chattable-restaurants in the mni-alive.comaps or danh mni-alive.comục view•mni-alive.comake restaurant reservations & show other people you are available for a conversation.•Cheông xã where khổng lồ mni-alive.comeet new friends using the mni-alive.comap indicators.•Show yourself! mni-alive.comake a reservation & show your new friends that you are available.•View và mni-alive.comanage your reservations•Clean design

The fun part is that everyone has the samni-alive.come goal: Enjoy spending timni-alive.come together for casual conversations without obligations.

Do you lượt thích our app? Rate us & don’t forget to lớn check our social truyền thông mni-alive.comedia pages for the lademni-alive.como updates:https://www.chattable.comni-alive.com

Got an idea on how to imni-alive.comprove our app? Or did you find a bug? We would love sầu lớn know this so we can imni-alive.comprove our app. You can chia sẻ this by dropping us an e-mni-alive.comail via support Together with our users we mni-alive.comake eating alone nothing mni-alive.comore but a choice.

Do you know a great restaurant to add to Chattable? Becomni-alive.come a Chattable Amni-alive.combassador via

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