What Does Crackwhore Mean?

Definitions include: the cleft between the buttocks.

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Definitions include: very early in the day.Definitions include: the cleft between the cheeks of the buttocks.Definitions include: very early in the morning.Definitions include: something that is so exceptionally good or fun it could be as addictive sầu as craông xã (i.e. crack cocaine).Definitions include: khổng lồ become erect; "get a hard-on".Definitions include: goodDefinitions include: "happening".Definitions include: a person who does something stupid.Definitions include: tired và mentally dazed after excessive drug consumption.Definitions include: clever; cunning; wise-acre; quiông xã witted và tricky. Definitions include: a person who acts lượt thích they are addicted to lớn craông chồng cocaine.Definitions include: cool, tight, etc.Definitions include: eager to lớn.Definitions include: very early in the day.

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Other terms relating to "whore":

Definitions include: a person who behaves in an exaggerated way simply lớn attract attention.Definitions include: acronym for "attention whore disorder".Definitions include: a prostitute that gets paid in cocaine.Definitions include: One who has sold more than their labor khổng lồ a corporation or corporations, who has forsaken personal values và done something for corporate money that is unethical, illegal, or immoral. Definitions include: used khổng lồ describe female navy corpsman that have sex with marines.Definitions include: a female, habitual user of methamphetamine.Definitions include: An inexpensive street walker who loves their job so much they can't get enough! Or used as an insult. Definitions include: a person who exchanges sex for drugs.Definitions include: a person who sacrifices integrity for fame.Definitions include: very guilty.Definitions include: a whore - i.e. a promiscuous (usually female) person, or an actual prostitute (usually female) - who is not doing well financially.Definitions include: a ho (also spelled hoe.)Definitions include: a girl who dress up for a hockey games hoping khổng lồ get a date with the players.Definitions include: a promiscuous male; "male whore".Definitions include: a promiscuous man.(show 12 morehide)