Custody Là Gì

the legal right or duty to care for someone or something, especially a child after its parents have separated or died:

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the right or duty lớn care for someone or something, as for a child whose parents have sầu separated or died:
The child is in the state"s custody only temporarily - until completion of the necessary treatments - and parents can visit their child whenever they wish.
Lawyers gave sầu their lengthiest & most emotional responses in describing cases in which, despite their professional efforts, a wrongful and harmful custody ruling was issued.
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The result was that, by the mid-1980s, "the proportion of young offenders sent khổng lồ custody decreased dramatically" (p. 38).
Indeed, as we shall see, therapeutic evaluation is an inevitable part of the legal process in all custody disputes.
The decision not khổng lồ maintain the pace of arrests at this time was followed by the release of many of those relatives already in custody.

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In numerous divorce & custody cases women"s families did admit circumstances in which a marriage should be dissolved.
Rather than give women equal rights, parliament instead increased the courts" discretion to make custody orders during the course of an ongoing marriage.
The mere chance that a small proportion of detainees could be innocent might gọi for blanket restrictions on state violence in police custody.
Does this mean that coercion in police custody could be allowed under the very restrictive sầu circumstances outlined above?




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