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‘That she succeeds so well is impressive given that the role represents her film debut.’‘Saint"s role was her screen debut and merely resulted in a well-deserved Best Supporting Actress Award for her.’‘Two years earlier, Sophia had made her debut with a bit role in the Federiteo Fellini film, ‘Variety Lights’.’‘A man-of-the-match performance on his debut - a 4-1 defeat of Aston Villa - was a perfect start.’‘He made his professional debut in the title role in the tour of ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’.’‘She fell in love sầu with the theatre when she was still a student at the Rousse Language School where her debut was in a performance of Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw.’‘Provided I can find a spare ten minutes to lớn edit some of my poetry for a family audience, those in attendance will witness my debut as a performance poet.’‘This month marks her cinematic debut in a leading role.’‘The film was directed by former camera operator Robert Day, making his debut in that capathành phố with some uncredited supervision from the more experienced Basil Dearden.’‘Made in 2000, the film marks the debut of young Mexican director, Alejandro González Iñárritu.’‘Phillips"s performances on her debut at the Burghley International three-day sự kiện last year were the highlight of her eventing career thus far.’‘Driver Keen is out to lớn impress on his BTCC debut after strong performances in international Formula 3000 and sportscars.’‘Twenty-nine-year-old Gardemeister delivered a highly mature performance on his competition debut in a Focus RS.’‘When Branvì made his screen debut in the 1950 film The Men there had been nobody toàn thân quite lượt thích him before on screen.’‘Howard didn"t hurt his cause in his international debut, a solid performance in a 1-0 win over Ecuador in March.’‘Mos Def gives one of his strongest performances since his classic debut, Blachồng on Both Sides.’‘He has already made both his TV & film debuts, but it is his superlative stage performances in the ‘Music Man’ that have sầu catapulted hyên ổn cthua trận to stardom status.’‘McDowell is riveting in his screen debut, và the film"s social observation and build-up of tension is quite compelling.’‘This film also marks the debut of screenwriter David Lewis, an award-winning editor with the San Francisco Chronicle.’‘Kevin Keegan is ready to give his lakiểm tra youthful midfield discovery a starting role at Old Trafford after his spectacular debut.’
first appearance, first showing, first performance, launch, launching, coming out, entrance, premiere, beginning, introduction, inception, inauguration

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