Adobe Illustrator Cs6 Sinhvienit

Everything you need lớn turn simple shapes and colours into classic logos, icons và graphics. Illustrator produces vector-based artwork that scales up và down seamlessly. On a mobile screen or a billboard poster, your work always looks sharp & vibrant.​

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Illustrator includes the best typography tools you can find, so you can turn a company name into a memorable logo, create a high-impact flyer or mock up an engaging website. Whatever effect you want, it’s easy to lớn get your message over.

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With Illustrator you can draw freehand or trace và rework existing images lớn produce original works of art. They’re ready to lớn use on printed pieces, presentations, websites or social truyền thông posts.

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The latest version of Illustrator is sharper và more intuitive than ever, with enhancements such as shorter launch time, faster tệp tin opening, improved effects, simplified vector paths & freeform gradients.

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The Illustrator pen tool gives you all the precision & flexibility you need khổng lồ draw custom vector objects. It’s perfect for icons, infographics, logos và any other digital illustration – from simple shapes lớn intricate creations.

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* Illustrator is the industry-standard vector graphics software that’s used by millions of designers & artists to lớn create everything from gorgeous web & mobile graphics to lớn logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging and billboards

Click the “Start không tính phí Trial” button. Sign in or phối up your ID. After your 7-day miễn phí trial ends, your Creative Cloud membership will continue, unless cancelled before không lấy phí trial ends.

Yes, you can download a 7-day không tính phí trial of Illustrator. The free trial is the official, full version of the ứng dụng — it includes all the features and updates in the latest version of Illustrator.

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Yes, this Illustrator trial works on macOS, game ios for iPad và Windows. - 1" daa-im="true">See system requirements >

No, this miễn phí trial is available only for desktop & iPad. does offer a collection of không tính tiền mobile apps for both iOS & Android. Learn more

Your không tính tiền trial starts when you check out và it lasts for seven days. The trial will automatically convert khổng lồ a paid Creative Cloud membership when it’s complete, unless you cancel before then.

No, Illustrator is available only as part of a Creative Cloud membership. You can choose a Single ứng dụng plan with Illustrator only or a plan that includes more apps. We offer Creative Cloud plans for individuals, students and teachers, photographers, institutions and businesses. Learn more

No, Illustrator is our most up khổng lồ date version and the only version of Illustrator you can download for a không lấy phí trial.

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