Drift Là Gì

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used khổng lồ say that you have sầu left out information or your opinion from what you have just said, but that you expect the person listening still khổng lồ understand it:
Someone or something that drifts changes in a gradual way that seems lớn be controlled by outside forces:
drift to/toward sth There has been general unease about the drift toward a culture of selling, sale, & consumerism.
a drift from sth to sth The population drift from the cities khổng lồ the suburbs adds significantly khổng lồ oto use.
In addition, we identify a new instability caused by the stimulated scattering of drifting electrons from the relaxation oscillations of the electron temperature.
In a plasma with negatively charged dust, electrostatic dust cyclotron waves can be driven unstable by ions drifting along the magnetic field.
Necessity of acetylcholine for retinal directionally selective sầu responses lớn drifting gratings in rabbit.
Therefore, in the second experiment, we measured temporal tuning functions of cor tical neurons using drifting plaid patterns (or thogonal contrast modulated sine-wave sầu gratings).
Right-kết thúc symbols indicate the change in horizontal position induced by a rightward drifting grating viewed behind an upright square aper ture.
xuất hiện circles represent spatial-frequency tuning for first-order gratings drifting in the preferred direction.
Overall, the majority of neurons sampled in this study (1390 193) exhibited some modification of their responses by activation of surrounding regions with drifting gratings.
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