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enthusiastically in-​ˌthü-​zē-​ˈa-​sti-​k(ə-​)lē
, en-​ also -​ˌthyü-​ adverb

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geeked , stoked ,


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They were enthusiastic supporters of the president. I"m not wildly enthusiastic about your lachạy thử idea. She received an enthusiastic welcome.

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Recent Examples on the Web But industry promoters are enthusiastic about the prospects. — New York Times, "A Green Wave? Mexico’s Marijuamãng cầu Market May Be Middling," 12 Mar. 2021 Public-health officials are enthusiastic about the new, single-shot COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson và Johnson, despite its having a somewhat lower efficacy at preventing symptomatic illness than other available options. — Hildomain authority Bastian, The Atlantic, "The Differences Between the Vaccines Matter," 7 Mar. 2021 While the directors và Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige were very enthusiastic about Holl&, the studio was more resistant lớn the choice, according to the Russos. — Tyler Aquilimãng cầu, EW.com, "Russo brothers say they fought Sony to cast Tom Holland as Spider-Man," 27 Feb. 2021 Breschi, however, is most enthusiastic about the Gershwin piece. — San Diego Union-Tribune, "City Ballet’s world-premiere ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ blends grace with power," 28 Feb. 2021 Yu is enthusiastic about the future of the platkhung. — Christopher Hutton, Washington Examiner, "Clubhouse attempts to work its way inlớn the social truyền thông space dominated by Big Tech," 18 Feb. 2021 But Vice President Al Gore và Clinton himself were enthusiastic about the agreement, & Yellen was eager to make the economic case. — Thành Phố New York Times, "The Biden Team Wants khổng lồ Transkhung the Economy. Really.," 11 Feb. 2021 Cummings, who is afraid of heights, wasn’t enthusiastic about shooting on the catwalk of the 100-inch telescope. — Adam Tschorn, Los Angeles Times, "Live from Mt. Wilson: A fashion show at the top of the world," 21 Jan. 2021 The elder Blossman and other business leaders who were enthusiastic about the fledgling club joined forces. — Kyên Chatelain | Contributing Writer, NOLA.com, "An aging country club on the Tchefuncte River survives inkhổng lồ its sixth decade," 10 Jan. 2021

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History & Etymology for enthusiastic

borrowed from New Latin và Greek; New Latin enthūsiasticus, borrowed from Greek enthousiastikós "inspired, excited," from enthousiastḗs "person inspired by a god" + -ikos -ic entry 1 — more at enthusiast

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