: obtained by, coming from, or being direct personal observation or experience a firsthand account of the war … had a firsth& view of the turmoil that wracked the region.— William W.

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Recent Examples on the Web Bo Kyi has firsthvà experience with the military’s heavy-handed tactics. — Amy Gunia, Time, ""The Military Is Terrorizing Us Day & Night." The Human Rights Activist Documenting Horror in Myanmar," 18 Mar. 2021 Teresa Hodge has firsthvà experience of this reality. — Whizy Kim,, "How Credit Scores Rule — và Ruin — Our Lives," 16 Mar. 2021 We’re being paid khổng lồ learn and lớn get that firsth& experience. — Thủ đô New York Times, "The Missing Hours: 7 Students on Losing a Year of After-School Activities," 14 Mar. 2021 Over the past few years, Gomez started learning more about the immigration system, having conversations with friends who had firsthvà experience with its bureaucratic snarls. — Jia Tolentino, Vogue, "Selemãng cầu Gomez on Politics, Faith, and Making the Music of Her Career," 9 Mar. 2021 Stern said many people learned about the site, its 3,000 shots a day, and the lax rules from the news or their firsthand experience & passed it on.

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— Andrew Boryga,, "Some outside state guidelines say they got COVID vaccine at Miangươi Dade College North site," 9 Mar. 2021 Between March 19, 2020 và the end of December, the Stop AAPI Hate trang web received firsth& reports of more than 2,808 instances of anti-Asian hate, coming from 47 states và the District of Columbia — more than 40 were reported in San Diego. — San Diego Union-Tribune, "Column: Anti-Asian racism và violence drew attention early in the pandemic. Why’d we stop talking about it?," 5 Mar. 2021 From March khổng lồ the end of 20đôi mươi, the Stop AAPI Hate trang web received more than 2,800 firsthvà reports of anti-Asian hate across 47 states và Washington, DC, according to lớn data released earlier this month. — Nicole Chavez, CNN, "California allocates $1.4 million to traông xã and stop attacks against Asian Americans," 25 Feb. 2021 The two chronic skin conditions are distinctly different to doctors và experts who treat them, but can be very difficult to distinguish for people who are experiencing it firsthand. — Erica Sweeney, Good Housekeeping, "3 Subtle Differences Between Psoriasis và Eczema, According khổng lồ Dermatologists," 25 Feb. 2021

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