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Foxit Reader is a fast PDF viewer that includes annotation capabilities, Javascript support, interactive size filler & built-in text converter. The interface includes text reading, two page view, rotation, autoscroll, text view, skins, measuring, text & background màu sắc replacement and supports drag-and-drop. Annotation tools include text "sticky notes" and standard text boxes, as well as khung data import và export. Can insert images, bookmarks và files (including audio & video).Includes PDF Standard 1.7 compatibility, tư vấn for the Adobe Portfolio format, Sharepoint integration, as well as command-line features và various signing tools (for both physical signatures và digital via DocuSign).Version note: Foxit Reader Portable is the version of the program. The standard installer version of this program from the Foxit trang web is bundleware, adding a hard-to-remove browser toolbar. A pro version is available with additional features.Functional in 64-bit.

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Runs on:Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Win11 / Wine
Writes settings to:Application folder
Stealth: ?Yes
Unicode support:Yes
Path portability:Automatic relative path (eg. ....personalwork.doc)
License:Adware (rotates pro features in top right corner)
How khổng lồ extract:Download the self-extracting EXE và extract khổng lồ a folder of your choice. Launch FoxitReaderPortable.exe.
Similar/alternative apps:PDF-XChange Editor, PDF-XChange Viewer
What"s new?See:

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I have tried tenths of versions of it since 2007 and it never worked fine. Always full of bugs và mainly crashes. Few years ago I found Sumatra, which became my "notepad" or "mspaint" for PDF files. For edition, any other is fine. It is marked as "potentially unwanted programs" (search)

Foxit PDF Reader Fixes High-Severity Remote Code Execution Flaws:

CornHolio the Gringo agreed PDF-XChange is what I use for anything PDF and have been using for many years. Although I don"t mean lớn take anything away from Foxit cause its good software in its own right. Even thought its been a few years since anyone has posted this is still an important download for anyone looking for a good PDF Reader that"s Portable :)MIKLO

PDF-XChange is the PDF reader I use, but make sure You configure itright before executing the programm.(fx. Disable Java).Foxit Reader doesnt have the tools I lượt thích that comes with PDF-XChange.

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