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‘a getaway car’‘The suspect ran off, chased by the shop"s staff, but escaped in a getaway car driven by an accomplice waiting outside the store.’‘Although he escaped in a getaway oto, he was pursued by police.’‘A bicycle thief made a quick getaway after stealing his mix of wheels in broad daylight.’‘Police said two stolen cars believed to lớn be used for robberies và other crime getaways, were recovered.’‘A hero policeman caught the driver of a stolen getaway oto by clinging lớn its door as it sped away.’‘‘How nice to meet you,’ Danielle muttered, searching her mind for a quick getaway.’‘Out of the corner of my eye I"d catch hyên ổn watching, but when I"d turn, he"d make a quiông xã getaway.’‘At the very least, you should want lớn make a quichồng, clean getaway.’‘His helpful aide had the door open so he could make a quick getaway.’‘The men ran off và used a red Ford Fiesta as their getaway vehicle.’‘My getaway car was right there, covered with frost, across the street.’‘The getaway van has not yet turned up.’‘The suspects then attempted a getaway on foot with the police officers in hot pursuit.’‘Filipino police have arrested the driver of the getaway vehicle used by the gunmen.’‘Brennan points to the outside as a believer in clean getaways.’‘There was no chance of a clean getaway, rotten luck.’‘They were useful for flair & a fast getaway, if necessary.’‘He wasn"t the culprit, but he appeared khổng lồ be the only person left in the room - whoever it was had made their getaway, và fast.’‘We quickly sealed the ship and prepared to lớn make a fast getaway.’

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‘a weekend getaway’‘Roads, ports and airports were today coping well with the wave of holidaymakers making Easter getaways.’‘This does not have to be a long vacation, just a weekover getaway.’‘This road is not spared even on holidays or weekends as it is the gateway lớn weekkết thúc getaways in that part of the đô thị.’‘I took her shopping in Italy, & we went on weekover getaways because I knew she was settling.’‘The key to looking fabulous at the beach - or on a weekover getaway - is knowing which essentials khổng lồ stash in your bag.’‘Unfortunately, like all spring getaways, this trip of laughs và fun in the sun is ultimately a short and abbreviated one.’‘It"s lượt thích having a getaway without leaving your own hometown.’‘Booking a cruise is easy, whether it is for your honeymoon or a special getaway.’‘Millions of people are heading off by road, rail & air today for a great British Bank Holiday getaway - despite a gloomy weather forecast.’‘The great Bank Holiday getaway started last night with millions caught up in chaos on the road và rail networks.’‘When you begin lớn feel stronger, plan a lãng mạn weekend getaway with your husb&.’‘Roaring fires, home-cooked food & breathtaking scenery are only part of a thắm thiết weekend getaway.’‘Getting away for less is something that most people look for when planning their summer getaways.’‘Do you yearn for a getaway from the hustle and bustle và put some excitement into lớn your life?’‘Set amid the expansive sầu dense forest of Singapore, it offers a getaway from the hustle of cosmopolitung life.’‘When planning holiday getaways, consider what"s best for your pet.’‘It seems I"m prone to lớn these quiông chồng getaways because I have sầu a habit of thinking I can"t possibly take days off.’‘Although we had an active sầu vacation, Seattle"s laid-bachồng pace gave sầu us a relaxing and affordable getaway.’‘Why not organize a girls" getaway or pajama party?.’‘I decided khổng lồ attempt lớn sketch what I had recently seen on a Sunday afternoon getaway in the mountains.’
‘the islvà getaway of Penang’‘Both children và parents alike are happier getting whisked off lớn summer camps and holiday getaways, far from the cramped confines of the city.’‘Adding a few tropical plants in containers can give sầu you the fragrance & color of an isl& getaway in the smallest space.’‘Suitable as either a permanent country trang chủ or a holiday getaway, this roadside holding goes under the hammer on July 24.’‘Paphos may not be able khổng lồ compete with the Virgin Islands as a paradise getaway, but you get a great value sunshine holiday there.’‘This provides patients with a private getaway và landscaped dining areas.’‘The closest getaways were Ascension Islvà, 700 miles north, Africa, 1,000 miles east, and South America, 1,000 miles west.’‘Golf camps, skiing getaways and running clubs - all are becoming more popular thanks to lớn fitness-minded Boomers.’‘Bali is their jewel of the east, and a popular getaway.’‘It is very much a lãng mạn getaway with more couples holidaying there than families or single people.’‘While Shramore Lodge will appeal lớn those in the market for a hushed getaway, it"s probably too far from a đô thị to interest many holiday home-hunters.’‘This area used lớn be a luxurious getaway for dictator"s followers, & his holiday trang chủ is still there.’‘These four ranch getaways are ikhuyến mãi for boot-scooting, horseback-riding, cattle-wrangling, hay-baling, & body-toning fun.’‘Recently wedded couples find numerous getaways in this country.’‘Yarra Valley has to be ahy vọng the most lãng mạn getaways và the place for wine tasting.’‘As far baông xã as the 1920s, it was an easy getaway for Hollywood types looking for a little privacy; và this golden era lives on at select spots.’‘Wintertime often brings thoughts of tropical getaways, with warm oceans và colorful coral reefs not far from shore.’‘The play tells the story of four strangers lured lớn a Los Angeles airport by promises of an island getaway.’‘But there"s still no place else quite like this tropical getaway, nestled at the southernmost tip of the continental United States.’‘I couldn"t imagine a more lãng mạn getaway for February.’‘One alternative khổng lồ the typical southern getaway is Europe.’

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