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He"s got a place at university which gives hlặng a golden opportunity to lớn do research in the subject which interests hyên.
I lượt thích listening to lớn those radio stations that play all the golden oldies (= old popular songs which people still like or which have become liked again).
The optimization procedure we choose for the consumption & contribution decisions combines inverse parabolic interpolation and golden section tìm kiếm.
In fact, the gates have been conceived in terms of squares and golden-section rectangles in a variety of combinations.
Why would self-maximizers give up their golden opportunity to lớn achieve what they say is their most desired outcome by co-operating when they expect co-operation?
The author styles his Đánh Giá as a "golden medium" (page 32) between a collection of translations & an annotated bibliography.
The fourth painting was of a girl with golden hair and a sky-xanh dress, sitting on the steps of an old archway.
They make "motion selection" by defining the "golden rules" according to lớn the observations of ref. <2>.
Dressed as an angel, the figure seems more suspended from the prominent golden wings attached to her costume than supporting them.
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an African-American cultural celebration in the US lasting from 26 December lớn 1 January

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