UK figurative sầu The article had been hacked about (= carelessly changed) so much that it was scarcely recognizable.

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in football và rugby, lớn kiông chồng the ball away or to foul (= act against the rules) by kicking another player in the leg:

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to lớn get into someone else"s computer system without permission in order to lớn find out information or vị something illegal:
to lớn use someone else"s phone system without permission, especially lớn listen lớn their spoken messages:
a journacác mục (= writer for newspapers or magazines) whose work is low in unique or does not have much imagination:
to lớn access someone else’s computer system without permission in order khổng lồ obtain or change information:
a person who willingly works or acts mostly for money or other rewards without worrying about independence, beliefs, or reputation:
A hack is also a writer who produces a lot of work for money without caring very much about its chất lượng.
khổng lồ use a computer lớn access information stored on another computer system without permission, or to lớn spread a computer virus:
hack into lớn sth Two employees were charged with hacking into the company"s computer system & changing data.
an act of using a computer khổng lồ access information stored on another computer system without permission, or khổng lồ spread a computer virus :

to be in or get into lớn a difficult situation in which you are in danger of being criticized or punished

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