HackerBot is the tiện ích khổng lồ search for cheats & patches for your games. Use its tìm kiếm tools and find the best tips và tricks for PUBG and other titles


The best tricks for your games & tutorials to apply patches can be found in HackerBot. It"s an application that works as a sort of Cheat Engine for Android where we can find complete và detailed guides và tutorials khổng lồ make the most of all our mobile, PC, and video clip console games.

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A complete gaming encyclopedia full of cheats và tricks

Regardless of whether you"re playing on Android, Windows, Xbox, PlayStation or an iPhone, this app comes along with the best cheats, tips, & tricks, no matter what platkhung you play on. It"s one of the best & most important MOD apps as it offers us legitimate và lawful help without spamming us with annoying invasive adverts.

These are the main functions that you"ll be able khổng lồ enjoy once you download the APK of this reference phầm mềm for cheats:

Quickly find lawful tricks as well as modded APKs.Learn how to lớn thủ thuật games through videos & simple tutorials.Locate the cheats avoiding nhái information, captchas or bothersome advertising surveys.Wide range of cheats for all sorts of games: tricks for Subway Surfers, Garena Free Fire, PUBG...

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We"re talking about one of the most useful applications khổng lồ patch games that we can get our hands on because not only does it offer us tutorials for some extra help in our games but also modded APKs, tools, and bots. All the latter, very quickly & without requiring a rooted Android device.

How HackerBot works

How it works is very easy and we simply have to lớn bear in mind the three following aspects:

After downloading và installing its APK, we"ll have sầu khổng lồ run the phầm mềm và choose between Find Cheats & Find Legitimate Cheats on its trang chủ screen. In the first case, the cheats will be somewhat unlawful, whilst in the second, we"ll be offered guides and tutorials full of tips & tricks allowed during the games.Use the FreeFinder tìm kiếm tool to find mods và cheat tutorials.Use the tutorials khổng lồ patch your games.

The origin of this application can be found in the legendary website of the same name that has been going around for years as a game search engine. Its idea is lớn help both newbie gamers to lớn modify their games all by themselves and old-school gamers lớn find a quichồng way of getting hold of tricks và cheats for their favorite games in order khổng lồ gain a competitive sầu advantage over their rivals.