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‘the brush is handy for vacuuming stubborn dust and dirt’‘A Local post office is a vital cornerstone to lớn everyday life, a familiar, handy & extremely useful service.’‘Durable & convenient, this handy reference functions as nicely in an open field with a flashlight as it does spread out on a desk.’‘To help enrich your enjoyment, here is a handy glossary of useful terms…’‘The Story of Film can be read as a continuous narrative, but will be equally useful as a handy reference to lớn dip into lớn.’‘Nonetheless, this book is a useful và handy reference.’‘In my childhood the planetary Model of the atom was the way we were thinking of matter; now it has become a metaphor or a handy tool, useful under certain conditions.’‘In a field kit, I have sầu a handy Hoppe"s screwdriver handle which stores up khổng lồ 15 bits.’‘More than just pretty, these bowls have sầu a rubber ring on the bottom lớn prevent slippage plus a handy little handle & pouring spout.’‘It was convenient, it was handy, it had a wonderful index that allowed you khổng lồ look things up very quickly.’‘This handy and useful volume, Authors, Texts, Issues, is meant lớn fill the void by supplying such material.’‘There are situations in which a wireless desktop is handy.’‘The editing functions are also handy, offering a range of useful tools.’‘This was especially true of those nifty seniors who were loud in their praises of this handy bus service.’‘Toast your bread as you deem appropriate, either via the broiler or your everyday handy toaster.’‘Our modern metric units, like the gram or the centimetre, originate from their handy description of everyday quantities.’‘While hard copy is convenient và handy for swatting insects and small dogs, it really is both a business và environmental luxury.’‘Often, as is the case here, it is a handy tool for misdirection or a neat handle from which lớn hang accusations.’‘So at about 12.30 pm we rang the number listed under ‘Sewerage’ in Craven District Council"s handy services booklet.’‘And it comes with this handy tuy vậy learning function.’

2Ready lớn hvà.

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‘keep credit cards handy’
More example sentences
‘With our prepared boards and favorite thumbnail sketches handy, we were ready lớn begin.’‘She also has a handy habit of winning cthua matches.’‘For those without handy access to lớn cameras and/or scanners, vì chưng your best.’‘In spite of Mrs Major locking all the doors, baông xã and front và closing all the handy windows… they got in.’‘Their location suggests that the tablets had just arrived or at least been placed together in a special area for handy access lớn their information.’‘Indispensable accessories must be handy.’‘Leave the squeegee in the bath so it is handy lớn reach the next time you need it.’‘Since it"s coral and you don"t have handy access khổng lồ dead sea creatures, how about treating it like an acronym?’‘Some cases may be sales closers, but there are handy profits available in a gun case display.’‘The súc tích is that they would also welcome the handy access to a healthy beverage at the same time.’‘They didn"t have a handy gauge nearby to tell them how fast they should really be gliding.’‘Nobody is going to forget this is an inner-city development, but it is central & handy for the Heathrow Express.’‘The advantage of mate eating for the female may be that it provides a conveniently handy source of protein for herself and her offspring.’‘Cutaways are useful to lớn shoot when on location as they can be used as handy band-aids in editing.’‘I assume that there were a couple of Secret Service agents handy, but he didn"t seem all that well defended.’‘Keep a portable vacuum handy to sweep up loose fibers as you work.’‘They were the usual Kiwi baches, built from whatever was handy, oddly practical, sometimes quaint.’‘At least there"s a phone handy lớn text for an ambulance when they finish up under a 40-tonne truck.’‘A frikết thúc of mine used lớn live in Basildon and having visited hlặng several times there I can only say that there were times that I wished I had a Javelin handy.’
readily available, available, at hvà, to lớn h&, near at hand, within reach, accessible, ready, cthua thảm, cthua thảm by, near, nearby, at the ready, at one's fingertips, at one's disposal, convenient

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