I was replying to lớn somebody who said to be going khổng lồ eat something and rest, and said "Have sầu a good one." I was not understood, & asked what I meant by that.

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Isn"t "have a good one" used instead of "have a good afternoon" or "have sầu a good evening"? Even if that is not the standard meaning, should not the phrase be understood as "have a good eat" or "have a good rest" at least in the context I used it?


It"s context-dependent. When used as a farewmni-alive.com, it"s usually interpreted to mean, "Have sầu a good day," or, "Have sầu a good evening," or (on Fridays), "Have sầu a good weekend."

It could also be used in this context:

Do you want to get together on Saturday? No, Saturday is my birthday, và my husbvà is taking me out. Oh! Wmni-alive.com, have sầu a good one.

In that case, "Have a good one," could mean mean, "Have a good time," or, "Have a good birthday," or, "I hope you have sầu a nice date." There"s a decent chance it means a little bit of all three.

If I told you, "I"m going to grab something to eat, & then I"m going to lay down và rest," và you said, "Have a good one," I"d assume you meant, "Have sầu a nice rest," or, "Have a good nap." I"d regard it as simple wmni-alive.com-wishing. It may be informal speech, but I wouldn"t press you for an explanation. I"d probably just say, "Thanks," or maybe, "Thanks, I will."

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This phrase is a greeting & basically means "goodbye".

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There is an entry for it in The Free Dictionary (which groups it with "Have a nice day" và similar phrases), where it is defined thus:

Cliché an expression said when parting or saying good-bye.

It can be confusing because in many cases it doesn"t make sense when taken literally (see this article, for example).

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It depends how it is said. Tone. What was said before it. Take into trương mục who you are talking to lớn. Where you are. The history with certain people or groups of people. All races & Creed"s. How often it is said. Whether or not you would say it. Since there are many variables at play, including toàn thân language. Many times it is meant as a ordinary goodbye. However, if in the wrong scenario, it can bother you. Sometimes, this can be picked up on. Almost used as a way to lớn say f-off by some. All-in-all, I don"t lượt thích the phrase. I also don"t say it. I also try not to lớn respond. I usually say thanks & leave sầu. Sometimes, I just leave.

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answered Sep 24 "16 at 1:56

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