What Does Hearty Mean?

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‘he quý phái in a hearty baritone’‘He received a few awed stares, many cheerful greetings và a hearty handshake from the leader of the family.’‘Williamson then strode out to lớn a hearty cheer from the British fans.’‘There were no smiles, baông xã slapping or hearty handshakes.’‘Although he is now housed in an open prison, và he maintains a certain hearty cheerfulness, few doubt that Archer has been chastened by his prison experience.’‘Now, on this hot August evening, Vlad bounded across the ridge khổng lồ give sầu me a hearty Soviet backslap.’‘Snow animals head north và west, where the trắng stuff is celebrated by hearty souls eager to lớn celebrate the real essence of winter at seasonal festivals.’‘Once again, on behalf of the entire side of the community, I would like to lớn extend a warm, fraternal và hearty welcome lớn you all.’‘The woman began lớn laugh a loud, miễn phí, hearty laugh.’‘He bursts inlớn loud, hearty laughter, & refuses to be drawn.’‘The courtier did not seem khổng lồ notice the sarcasm dripping from her voice, và responded with a warm, hearty laugh.’‘He laughs easily too; a loud, hearty bark, full of joy.’‘She has an infectious humour, a hearty laugh & can fill a room with her cheerful personality.’‘He is a good guy and, lượt thích all good people, he is loud with a hearty laugh.’‘Anna throws baông chồng her head and laughs, loud and hearty.’‘At the heart of an optimistic spirit is a hearty sense of humor.’‘That sort of warm repartee - delivered, as always, with a hearty guffaw - is one of the things Beazley detractors are suspicious about.’‘There is nothing lượt thích 15-trăng tròn minutes of hearty laughter in the morning to lớn keep you in good spirits throughout the day.’‘An outstanding athlete in his youth & noted for his hearty, outgoing character, Bellows is best known for his boxing scenes.’‘Of all the gifts bestowed by nature on human beings, hearty laughter must be cchiến bại to lớn the top.’‘Broadbent in particular, with his broad, hearty features stuffed inkhổng lồ an ambiguous character, makes a lasting impact in a tiny role.’
exuberant, cheerful, jovial, ebullient, backslapping, unreserved, uninhibited, effusive, lively, loud, animated, vivacious, energetic, spirited, dynamic, enthusiastic, eager

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