How We Met

Hoan & I met at a conference 3 years ago in Dallas, TX. I was coordinating speakers for the conference and Hoan had been selected as one of our worksiêu thị speakers. I had conversed with his assistant via gmail & did my brief google tìm kiếm on him prior khổng lồ the conference to lớn ensure he was a good fit, I saw a few pictures of hyên ổn & didn’t really think much of it. Conference day came & I was running around frantically in my flip flops that morning ensuring everything was in place. Somehow, I ended up in the lobby at the exact same moment Hoan walked inkhổng lồ the khách sạn. I remember seeing hlặng and thinking, omg Hoan is here… this is slightly embarrassing where is the volunteer that was supposed to lớn meet hyên here?!


I did my best to lớn act nonchalant & said, “oh my gosh, hi Hoan!” và I remember him leaning down, putting his bags down on the floor, & as he heard my voice knelt up looking at me and dashed his charming smile my way và said hello. In that moment, I was totally caught off guard and thought woah, he is way better looking in real life. I led hlặng to the registration table and showed hyên where to lớn place his belongings all the while trying to make casual small talk. As we parted ways that morning I couldn’t help but think oh thank God I was there lớn greet hlặng because that would have looked poorly on our organization if he had been standing there not knowing where lớn go.

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But in addition khổng lồ that, I was sort of taken baông chồng by how charming he really is.


how they asked

The day of the proposal I was still jet lagged from my red eye flight into Minneapolis but also stressed because I had an online presentation for class that evening và I had found out earlier that my slides had gotten deleted so I was just really anxious khổng lồ get home page. My best frikết thúc Ann and I had gotten a late lunch that day & I told her I should probably get home page early khổng lồ work on my presentation so after a little stalling on her end she said “ok, but before we go trang chính can we quichồng run an errand? I have khổng lồ go pick up tickets at the Orpheum Theatre.” I said, “sure” & we were on our way lớn downtown.


She decided to park in this parking lot near the Orpheum & I thought… hmm this looks oddly familiar. And as we drove sầu in và parked, I looked up and said, “oh hey this is where Hoan và I had the wall date!” And she was like, “oh yeah?” And I was like, “…yeah!!” Once the car came khổng lồ a stop I told her I would sit in the oto and wait for her since it was sprinkling out và she said, “oh… I need two people khổng lồ piông xã them up.” In my head, I was thinking, that’s odd… I’ve never heard of that before. I noticed she grabbed an umbrella và walked over to my passenger car side & got me out of the oto. I got out and was still thinking, this is so weird that she is having me go piông xã up tickets with her. As we continue bickering, all of a sudden Ann goes, “ugh, just look over there” So then I look over and there is Hoan standing under an umbrella in front of a “Before I die” wall and I literally just bawled my eyes out.

In that moment, it felt like time just stood still because I was completely floored! I had a variety of different emotions run through me from shoông xã, khổng lồ guilt, lớn feeling so incredibly loved. I couldn’t believe he had been working on all of this without my knowledge! I also couldn’t believe sầu it was me who was getting proposed to… It’s like you dream of it as a child, you think about it growing up và wonder what your proposal would look lượt thích & here it was happening right before my eyes. It’s a good thing it got documented because looking back now it felt like such a whirlwind.. but the most dreamy, thoughtful, lãng mạn whirlwinds of all time :)

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