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Rebuilt và expanded, this romantic follower features over 1200 lines of dialogue, custom home, và mini quests.

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Other user"s assetsAll the assets in this file belong khổng lồ the author, or are from free-to-use modder"s resources Upload permissionYou are not allowed lớn upload this file to lớn other sites under any circumstances Modification permissionYou must get permission from me before you are allowed lớn modify my files to improve sầu it Conversion permissionYou are not allowed lớn convert this file to lớn work on other games under any circumstances Asphối use permissionYou must get permission from me before you are allowed lớn use any of the assets in this file Asmix use permission in mods/files that are being soldYou are not allowed lớn use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms Asset use permission in mods/files that earn donation pointsYou are not allowed to earn Donation Points for your mods if they use my assets

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Translations available on the Nexus

ItalianAuthor: Kh47Kaidan 2 - Traduzione italiana
PortugueseAuthor: jarl1Kaidan 2 Portugues Brasileiro
SpanishAuthor: eslizonKaidan 2 - Spanish Translation
GermanAuthor: livtempleton --- Translation ProfKnibbleKaidan 2 German
OtherAuthor: translation by Stbỏ ra WongKaidan 2 - Traditional Chinese (CHT)
RussianAuthor: Koul99Kaidan 2 - Russian translation

==============Change Summary==============Changes addressing reported bugs and other user complaints==========================================================The book merchant has been moved from the Solitude Market inkhổng lồ the Bards College. He"s also been given a wider selection of normal books instead of being a spell merchant so he fits in better. (Fixes compatibility issues with mods modifying Solitude)Kaidan"s sumtháng spell now always places him behind the player & resets his AI. It is now also a configuation thực đơn if the player is sneaking. Options allow buying Autumnwatch Lodge earlier, disabling Autumnwatch Lodge, disabling Kiai, disabling Myriah và her camp, reseting the romance (for those who accidentally talk to lớn hyên while wearing an amulet), and placing an alternate dossier in the Northwatch Keep if the one in the Embassy isn"t accessible. (New sumtháng features should fix any AI glitches, menu options should provide compatibility và player choice addressing common complaints & suggestions) Kaidan is now less likely to lớn run into the player from behind, can sleep in the player"s beds, use the furniture in Candlehearth Hall, và won"t get left behind in taverns because the bard was playing a tuy nhiên. He"ll stay quiet và out of the way at High Hrothgar during the critical scenes. He"ll follow more reliably and not get stuchồng in various AI glitches after combat. He can also now be commanded (via holding the Activate control) lượt thích other followers without confusing his AI. He also won"t get distracted by corpses or other nearby events when following. (Addresses most complaints about his behavior)Kiai is faster, cowardly, and won"t try to lớn start combat. She"ll also follow the player"s current horse when Kaidan is following the player but stay in her current location when Kaidan isn"t following. Kaidan will mount & dismount quickly with the player và Kiai or Kaidan will be teleported into the correct position so the Kiai summoning spell is no longer needed. (Addresses comtháng complaints and fixes the stalking bug)Assign unique priorities lớn common dialogue topics so they don"t shuffle randomly. (A few people noted that issue and I agree it was annoying.)Ask Kaidan khổng lồ undress as many times per day as you like or ask hyên khổng lồ rethink what he"s wearing in public. (He can leave the house naked or in only his Worn Trousers and may not put his armor on even after you change locations a few times.)Rosalind"s scene và combat are fixed so that Kaidan and the player are forced into position, she always summons two Flame Atronachs, and the combat music always stops. (Fixes frequently reported bugs)Improved child selection ensures that only only adopted children who are already nearby take part in scenes with Kaidan and that he isn"t given a gift until after the wedding. Adopted children and only the children will sleep in their beds at Autumnwatch Lodge. (Fixes frequently reported bugs)The EndGreet dialogue sequence in the Abandoned Prison should be more robust now. (Some people reported trouble và it was because they canceled out of the EndGreet sequence early.)Changes based on my observations & preferences================================================The Lusty Argonian Maid books don"t teach One-Handed. (Changed mainly for gian lận compatiblity.)Kaidan won"t automatically & instantly heal to 100% at the over of combat (but does still regenerate health normally) allowing a player with healing spells to lớn actually "mkết thúc his scratches" & level up the healing skill.Partial unlinking of Kaidan"s past & quests from the main quest. He"ll bình luận on the first word wall scene he witnesses (instead of only the one at Bleak Falls during the particular quest stage). There"s also an option lớn add a copy of the Dossier lớn Northwatch Keep in case the Embassy is inaccessible or the player wants khổng lồ avoid it.Prsự kiện certain dialogue responses where Kaidan references you as Dragonborn until after MQ104 (Dragon Rising) is completed. This limits his friendship & romance progress until you slay the first Long, but you don"t need lớn continue the main quest past that point to lớn complete his personal quests.Location names are active sầu for Myriah"s and Kaidan"s camps.Have sầu Kaidan give sầu priority lớn getting his armor baông xã instead of commenting about the bow when the player has both.Ensure player knows where to find hyên when he is dismissed (duplicating EndGreet04 response into KDismiss topic)Various dialogue condition fixes and changes to make Kaidan seem more aware of his surroundings. Kaidan can now recognize true wilderness locations & when a location has been cleared. He"ll be willing lớn camp in cleared locations và won"t be willing khổng lồ camp in towns or other habitated areas. Various errors in dialogue conditions for time, location, player race, player factions, etc. are fixed allowing players to hear some dialogue that was getting skipped.The soul gem fragment recipe has a better description & is only active sầu during appropriate part of the quest.Kaidan"s old wooden sword has his name when viewed from inventory (but without major changes khổng lồ the mesh I can"t fix the reversed version of this name on one side).There is also some basic hack cleanup for dirty edits và unused forms, hack compatibility, water record fixes (SSE versions only), và general consistency.

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