Kirara is an adaptation of the 1993-1997 six-volume manga by Toshiki Yui, an artist best-known for lãng mạn comedy manga featuring sexy teenage/early 20s girls with a lot of pulchritudinous “bạn service”. Kirara mixed a little fantasy inkhổng lồ the formula.

I can’t see that this story makes a lot of sense. Kirara Imai, her pal Eimi, & Konpei Asai are three 18-year-old high-school students. The shy Eimày asks Kirara khổng lồ get Konpei khổng lồ take her out on a date. Over the years Kirara & Konpei fall in love themselves. When Kirara is 24, she is driving lớn her wedding with Konpei when she is killed in an autoMobile accident. Kirara’s ghost goes six years inkhổng lồ the past lớn help her 18-year-old self win Konpei.

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Well, this is what it says. It looks to lớn me more lượt thích a four-way thắm thiết entanglement, with both the 24- and 18-year-old Kiraras, Eingươi, & Konpei. Since this is a comic fantasy, it apparently isn’t supposed to be logical. I may have sầu overthought this, but since Kirara’s & Konpei’s six-year-romance seems khổng lồ have developed normally enough, why does her 24-year-old ghost have sầu lớn “help out”? Especially since the ghost seems more to lớn be deliberately driving them apart than helping them get together. Would Eimày have sầu remained so interested if the fascination of Kirara’s ghost wasn’t involved? Presumably Eimày did not get Arthur the exorcist and his assistant Mita to exorcise Kirara’s ghost originally, so vì chưng they really help out the romance? And how realistic are two highly-skilled but still amateurish high-school exorcists?

Incidentally, Eimi’s, Arthur’s, & Mita’s assuming that Kirara’s ghost is evil và trying lớn exorcise her is more than slightly reminiscent of Tōei Dōga’s first feature in 1958, Hakuja-Den, a.k.a The Tale of the White Serpent, a.k.a The White Snake Enchantress, known outside nhật bản as Panda và the Magic Serpent, where the officious “Magic Wizard” insists on exorcising “Princess” Ba-Niang despite nobody toàn thân wanting hyên ổn to.

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What this OAV does not answer, and I would lượt thích to know, is what happens to Kirara’s ghost after the over of this story? Does she disappear and “go to Heaven”? She didn’t really have any “unfinished business” that she needed khổng lồ go inlớn the past for in the first place. Does she stay with the 18-year-old Kirara và Konpei as a ménage à trois for six years? She says that she “wants khổng lồ stay with Konpei always”, but what about the 24-year-old Konpei that she was just about khổng lồ marry? How did she affect what happened between Eimày and Konpei, & how did Eimày fade out of the relationship originally? Were Eimày, Arthur, và Mita finally dissuaded from trying to lớn exorcise Kirara’s ghost? If so, what was the future relationship between Arthur, Mita, and the ghost? I can’t imagine that the two ghostbusters would just thất bại interest in a genuine ghost, even if Kirara is a “good” ghost not needing exorcising.

Oh, well. Ashi Productions produced this for Toho distribution in nhật bản. No U.S. distribution is listed. You can really tell by Kirara’s name on the Japanese audio trachồng why the Japanese have trouble telling “l” và “r” apart. Her name could just as easily be Kilala in English.

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