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‘she says he is an accomplice lớn massacre’‘It was a slow slaughter, peppered with massacres & atrocities from which whole generations are still recovering.’‘Nothing else can describe such brutal massacres, such wanton destruction.’‘I thought that I had seen one tiny corner of an indiscriminate massacre of students và intellectuals, a bloodbath.’‘Emails reporting massacres and other atrocities were based on noises overheard, a cautious glance from the window, và third-hvà reports.’‘Reports of ethnic massacres signify an extreme degree of threat và it is hard lớn dismiss the influence of these reports in triggering group mobilization.’‘But it could all kết thúc right here, right now for hyên - in a brutal massacre.’‘Surprise was the key element, but a brutal massacre was not needed.’‘The junta is mostly known for slaughters & massacres, but there really is a demvà for change.’‘It became clear lớn us that we were witnessing the aftermath of a massacre, the cold-blooded butchery of helpless & defenceless civilians.’‘Both are wanted by the UN war crimes tribunal at The Hague for their alleged roles in the massacre and other war crimes.’‘Civil wars in various countries added khổng lồ the world war, genocidal massacres, political assassinations và monstrosities of war turned the world upside down.’‘Government forces have sầu overseen và participated in massacres, the summary executions of civilians và the burning of towns và villages.’‘The question remains as to lớn why these gruesome war crimes & massacres were committed against the civil population?’‘The only definitions at all relevant khổng lồ the present debate appear lớn be a slaughter or massacre, or mass murder of people in a specific group.’‘The chopper pilot, however, did not report the massacre.’‘According khổng lồ the report, the massacre occurred after the guerrillas had tried to lớn force the workers khổng lồ stage a strike against the company.’‘Official reports on the massacre were never released, & just two policemen were charged.’‘There won"t be a single family in the country unaffected, there will be bloodshed, treachery, espionage, murder, pogroms và massacres.’‘Their reluctance can only multiply manifold after Sunday night"s brutal massacre.’‘The concrete reality consists of kidnappings, murders, tortures, rapes và massacres.’

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