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misfortune, mischance, adversity, mishap mean adverse fortune or an instance of this. misfortune may apply khổng lồ either the incident or conjunction of events that is the cause of an unhappy change of fortune or khổng lồ the ensuing state of dibức xúc. never lost hope even in the depths of misfortune mischance applies especially to lớn a situation involving no more than slight inconvenience or minor annoyance. took the wrong road by mischance adversity applies to lớn a state of grave sầu or persistent misfortune. had never experienced great adversity mishap applies lớn an often trivial instance of bad luông xã. the usual mishaps of a family vacation

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We experienced the usual mishaps of a family vacation. The ceremony proceeded without mishap. The fire was a tragic mishap that could have been prevented.
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Recent Examples on the Web The incident is just the latest mishap on a Zoom hotline. — John Wisely, Detroit Free Press, "Teacher"s potty break on Zoom gọi prompts school investigation," 12 Mar. 2021 The tragic mishap occurred in the Sullivan County village of Liberty, about 100 miles northwest of Thủ đô New York City, a little before 11:55 a.m. on Sunday, state police said. — NBC News, "New York state father-to-be killed when gender reveal prop explodes," 22 Feb. 2021 Despite the mishap, the kiểm tra is likely lớn signal progress for the massive vehicle. — Justin Bachman, Fortune, "SpaceX’s biggest-ever rocket nailed its landing—and then exploded," 4 Mar. 2021 While the occasional vacuum mishap is inevitable, the best vacuum cleaners put these woes to lớn bed. — Don Reisinger, Forbes, "These 8 Vacuums Will Actually Keep Your Floors Clean," 2 Mar. 2021 The mishap cost her about eight-tenths of a second, but the American went all-in và made up time at each split khổng lồ take an intermediate lead. — Eric Willemsen, ajc, "Riding high: Suter wins downhill for her 1st gold at worlds," 13 Feb. 2021 At the time, Sandel was head of the Insecticide Business Unit where the mishap took place. — Jay R. Jordan, Chron, "DuPont, trùm indicted after 4 workers were killed on the job," 19 Jan. 2021 Following an initial mishap with a nose piercing that closed up too quickly, Chrissy Teiren just shared a video clip clip of her new, much more permanent stud on Instagram. — Sarah Midkiff, refinery29.com, "Chrissy Teigene Is Bringing Baông chồng The Nose Stud In 2021," 4 Jan. 2021 The press briefing went viral, in large part due khổng lồ an apparent mishap in which Giuliani"s hair dye leeched off his scalp. — Joshua Bote, USA TODAY, "Rudy Giuliani suggested someone "cut the head off" Democrat leaders in Fox News interview," đôi mươi Nov. 2020

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