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1 : to lớn constrain by physical, moral, or legal force or by the exigencies of circumstance obliged khổng lồ find a job felt obliged to lớn nói qua it with her

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force, compel, coerce, constrain, oblige mean lớn make someone or something yield. force is the general term & implies the overcoming of resistance by the exertion of strength, power, or duress. forced khổng lồ flee for their lives compel typically suggests overcoming of resistance or unwillingness by an irresistible force. compelled to admit my mistake coerce suggests overcoming resistance or unwillingness by actual or threatened violence or pressure. coerced inkhổng lồ signing over the rights constrain suggests the effect of a force or circumstance that limits freedom of action or choice. constrained by conscience oblige implies the constraint of necessity, law, or duty. felt obliged khổng lồ go

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Oblige shares some similarities with its cđại bại relative obligate, but there are also differences. Oblige derived via Middle English & Anglo-French from Latin obligare ("to bind to"), a combination of ob- ("to lớn or toward") & ligare ("khổng lồ bind"), whereas obligate descended directly from the past participle of obligare. Both oblige and obligate are frequently used in their past participle forms to express a kind of legal or moral constraint. Obligated once meant "indebted for a service or favor," but today it typically means "required to lớn vị something because the law requires it or because it is the right thing lớn vị." Obliged is now the preferred term for the sense that Southern author Flannery O"Connor used in a 1952 letter: "I would be much obliged if you would send me six copies."

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The law obliges the government to release certain documents to the public. Her job obliges her khổng lồ work overtime và on weekends. She"s always ready to lớn oblige her friends. “Thank you for your help.” “I"m happy to lớn oblige.” They asked for food và he obliged with soup and sandwiches.
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Recent Examples on the Web President Donald Trump proposed eliminating the MBDA, but Congress did not oblige. — Lydia Depillis, ProPublica, "Black-Owned Firms Are Less Likely to Receive All of the Financing They Apply for Than Firms With Non-Blaông xã Owners," 5 Mar. 2021 His old manager Ron Gardenhire was more than happy khổng lồ oblige. — Jules Posner, Forbes, "What Will The Detroit Tigers Do With All Of These Switch Hitters?," 25 Feb. 2021 The bill would also oblige voters lớn show phokhổng lồ identification when casting their ballots, a requirement that political scientists have sầu found disproportionately reduces turnout aao ước minority and young voters. — The Economist, "Daily chart Republicans introduce a torrent of new laws to restrict voting," 24 Feb. 2021 But many international legal scholars say the Geneva Conventions oblige Israel, as an occupying power, to provide for Palestinians — a responsibility that trumps the terms of the Oslo Accords, Procter said. — NBC News, "Israel shines as coronavirus success story, while neighbors in Gaza are left without vaccines," 9 Feb. 2021 All-American who was once the young guy stepping into lớn a veteran secondary, was happy to oblige. — Nathan Baird, cleveland, "Ohio State football’s Lathan Ransom grows inlớn big role for national championship game: Nathan Baird’s observations," 10 Jan. 2021 The European Union cannot oblige member states to adopt the SmartFish innovations, and their success will depkết thúc on market demand. — Giovanni Prati, CNN, "How smart nets and scanners could keep more fish in the sea," 19 Nov. 2020 But this shouldn’t oblige us to see all art through the filter of present-day fixations. — Washington Post, "Manfredi’s painting of Cupid being beaten invites a modern interpretation," 4 Nov. 2020 Meanwhile, the PBoC and China’s banking regulator jointly released new draft regulations on online lending on Monday, which will oblige Ant khổng lồ cap loans at either Rmb300,000 ($44,843) or one-third of a borrower’s annual pay — whichever is lower. — Andrew Stuttaford, National Review, "The Capital Note: Betting on a Biden Binge," 3 Nov. 2020

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History và Etymology for oblige

Middle English obligen, oblischen "lớn impose on as a legal or moral duty, bind by oath or contract," borrowed from Anglo-French obliger, borrowed from Latin obligāre "to lớn tie up, restrain by tying, assign, place under a legal or moral constraint, pledge," from ob- "toward, facing" + ligāre "khổng lồ fasten, bind" — more at ob-, ligature

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