Off Duty Là Gì

off duty

Officially not in the capacity of working during one"s normal working day or assigned hours; not on duty.

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Typically used of doctors, nurses, & police officers. Often hyphenated. Sorry, I"m off duty. You should ask someone at reception. An off-duty police officer leapt into action and managed khổng lồ apprehend the criminal.See also: duty, off

off duty

not working at one"s job. (The opposite of on duty.) I"m sorry, I can"t talk khổng lồ you until I"m off duty.

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The police officer couldn"t help me because he was off duty.See also: duty, off

off duty

see under on duty. See also: duty, off

on/off ˈduty

(of nurses, police officers, etc.) working/not working at a particular time: Who’s on duty today? ♢ What time bởi you go off duty?See also: duty, off, on

off duty

Not engaged in or responsible for assigned work.See also: duty, offSee also:

off duty

not working, having không tính phí time The police officer was off duty when he came across the ngân hàng robbery.

off duty|duty|off

adj. Not supposed lớn be at work; having không tính phí time; not working. Sailors lượt thích khổng lồ go sight-seeing, when they are off duty in a foreign port. It seems that all the taxis in Thủ đô New York are off duty whenever it rains. Often used with hyphens, before a noun. The bank robber was captured by an off-duty policeman. Antonym: ON DUTY.
off (one's) oats off (one's) own bat off (one's) rocker off (one's) trolley off (someone or something) goes off (the) air off (the) traông xã off again, on again off and on off & running off artist off at a tangent off baông chồng off balance off base off beam off board off camera off campus off case off center off chance off color off colour off course off duty off size off from work off game off goes off guard off hands off key off lượt thích a prom dress (in May) off lượt thích a shot off limits off message off of off of (someone or something) off of work off on off on a sidetraông xã off on the right foot off on the wrong foot off one’s chump off one’s meds off one’s nut off one’s rocker off one’s trolley off one's chest, get off one's feed of the first water of the same mind off (one/he/she/it) goes! off & on off balance off base off center off day off duty off feed off guard off one"s bachồng off one"s chest off one"s hands off one"s head off one"s high horse off one"s rocker
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