connected with or involving an orchestra (= a large group of musicians who play many different instruments together):

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Ahy vọng the few extended orchestral passages in the opera, perhaps the most substantial is the journey at the beginning of the second act.
As such it is a practical guide which yields considerable insight into the culture and craft of orchestral playing.
The structural repeat is transposed, varied và redistributed, and an agile codomain authority has the soloist in cahoots with its orchestral counterparts.
The orchestral part in bars 34-5 is confined to two harmonised echoes of the voice"s db -eb ascent in bar 33.
To save the hypothesis, one might have sầu lớn limit its application to cases where the orchestral music has only an expressive sầu function.
The final refrain is expanded with more hymn-lượt thích authority, yet the sudden tonic triad which concludes the colourful orchestral coda is deceptively affirmative.
And, inevitably, certain movements mix aside for solo dancers were played by a solo instrumentamenu with light orchestral accompaniment.

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It is perceptually important, as it helps the singer"s voice to lớn be heard when the orchestral accompaniment is loud.
Usually this is punctuated by orchestral chords, although sometimes the accompaniment is more extended.
In films relating khổng lồ opera, highlights from the opera"s orchestral music were often used khổng lồ accompany the image on the screen for additional effect.
Along with this expansiveness is a new, more complex relationship between vocal và orchestral parts.
Composed ten operas & a wealth of orchestral, piano, choral và vocal music, a little of which is now being recorded.




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