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Panty Liners at

Finding it difficult to lớn focus on the events of your day due lớn feminine hygiene concerns? Panty liners can give sầu you lightweight protection, so that you can feel fresh and confident throughout the month. At, we make it easy lớn siêu thị for panty liners with a vast selection of products that you can browse online. You can make your purchase & have sầu the best panty liners for your needs discreetly shipped to your door. To piông chồng up panty liners today, use the Find at a Store tool to lớn locate a specific hàng hóa at one of our local stores.

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What Is a Panty Liner?

A panty liner is similar lớn a feminine pad but is much smaller và lighter weight. One side is absorbent. The other side of a panty liner is covered with sticky adhesive hidden beneath a removable backing. To use a panty liner, you peel off the backing và then press it against your underwear. The adhesive sầu will hold the panty liner in place against your toàn thân once you pull up your undergarment.

Uses of Panty Liners

Panty liners can be used for a number of different reasons. Some women wear panty liners during the days leading up lớn their monthly periods in case of spotting. Liners can also be used to lớn manage irregular menstrual spotting or vaginal discharge throughout the month. Incontinence panty liners can absorb light urine leakage that may occur when you laugh, cough or sneeze.

Although panty liners are similar to lớn maxi pads, they are thinner & less absorbent. For regular to heavy menstrual flow & moderate to severe urinary incontinence, maxi pads & incontinence pads are likely to lớn be the better choice of protection. These products are offered in numerous absorbency levels lớn meet your needs.

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Long & Extra Long Options

Some manufacturers offer long and extra-long panty liners in addition khổng lồ standard products. Due khổng lồ their increased kích cỡ, these panty liners offer more coverage in the front và back compared lớn conventional feminine protection products. The added protection can help to prsự kiện leaks when you"re lying down.

Protection with Scent

A number of brands make panty liners with fragrance added. Scented panty liners can help to control odors, giving you a fresher feeling during the day. In some cases, you may find that one panty liner hàng hóa is offered in more than one scent.

Considering Packaging

Another thing lớn consider when shopping for panty liners is the package form size. If you"re trying out a new panty liner for the first time, you may wish lớn opt for a smaller form size package, so that you can see if the product is right for you. Purchasing larger packages of panty liners is often a more cost-effective sầu choice.

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