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(ˈpæt iˌoʊ, ˈpɑ tiˌoʊ) n., pl. -i•os.

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<1820–30, Amer.; patium meadow, pasturage, perhaps derivative of Latin *patitus, past participle of patēre to lie open. compare patent>
patio - usually paved outdoor area adjoining a residence
area - a part of a structure having some specific characteristic or function; "the spacious cooking area provided plenty of room for servants"
solar trap, suntrap - a terrace or garden oriented to lớn take advantage of the sun while protected from cold winds
noun terrace, porch, veranda, loggia, sun deông xã (U.S. và Canad.) The door opened on to a mosaic-tiled patio.


<ˈpætiəʊ> n → patio mpatio doors npl → portes-fenêtres fpl (donnant sur un patio)patio furniture n → meubles mpl de jardin
n → Veranda f, → Terrasse f; (= inner court) → Innenhof m, → Patio m; patio door(s) → Terrassentür f


→ عَرصَةٌ verandomain authority solgård Terrasse αίθριο patio päällystetty piha patio unutarnje dvorište patio パティオ 테라스 patio terrasse patio pátio патио uteplats นอกชาน teras hiên 天井
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He saw the little patio, and his mother cooking và moiling at crude housekeeping & finding time lớn caress và love him.
She found hlặng pacing the patio of his house, &, perspiring and flurried, she fell at his feet the moment she saw hlặng.
In 2018, Texas Pools & Patgame ios earned $21.8 million in residential construction revenue from new pool construction and renovations.

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Manufacturers" Latest Creative Innovations on Showcase in Dallas at 40th Hearth, Patio và Barbecue Expo
Patios are often at the heart of how we use enjoy our gardens, & planning it properly will help you create one that serves your family"s needs.
Patio scores; Are you ready khổng lồ get baông xã inlớn the great outdoors? A patio is perfect for enjoying the onphối of spring, while not straying far from the cosy indoors
As, professional concrete patio companies, thanks lớn their vast experience, understvà the special needs of maintenance required for patquả táo, they anticipate the problems before hvà and take corrective sầu measures even before they start pouring concrete.
Be sitting pretty all summer long; There"s nothing quite like enjoying long, lazy alfresco meals in the sunshine. Follow our expert tips to lớn create the perfect patio area and make the most of your outdoor dining space
PATIOS are places khổng lồ relax, entertain and enjoy the view - và they can be a great feature in your garden too.
Chris Peterson, lead editor of Blaông xã và Decker"s book "The Complete Guide to Patgame ios & Walkways,"" said: "It"s doable.
If the old adage about the oak in leaf before the ash predicting a splash - a dry summer - is correct then we shouldn"t need our patquả táo too often although there is no sign of that yet.

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