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He took a perverted pleasure in watching them suffer.

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the perverted values of a society that had taken permissiveness to the extreme
Recent Examples on the Web For the last year, the president pit short-term economic interests và a perverted idea of personal liberty against public health imperatives. — Los Angeles Times, "Commentary: Presidential inaugurations are theater. What a difference this new cast makes," 20 Jan. 2021 Oh, and the Seven are down a thành viên after the Boys took out Translucent (Alex Hassell), a perverted voyeur who could turn himself invisible by changing his skin into a carbon meta-material that warped light around hyên. — Jennifer Ouellette, Ars Technica, "Review: Don’t điện thoại tư vấn it a comeback—The Boys returns better than ever in S2," 17 Oct. 20đôi mươi Many of us, perhaps sheepishly, or simply selfishly, quite like the perverted freedoms enabled by a sophisticated division of labor. — Harrison Stetler, The Thành Phố New York Review of Books, "‘Collapsologie’: Constructing an Idea of How Things Fall Apart," 21 Jan. 20trăng tròn Providing a territorial solution in the khung of a new state might also create a perverted incentive sầu, given that territorial entities are the sites of resource – and patronage. — Yonatung Fessha, Quartz Africa, "Ethiopia’s Sidama people have sầu voted for their own state, a turning point for an uncertain federalism," 4 Dec.

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2019 Nor is the spread the only khung of perverted or deformed language in The Topeka School. — Christine Smallwood, Harper"s magazine, "Novel, Essay, Poem," 16 Sep. 2019 To preserve this perverted state of affairs, a gap between what is said & what is felt must be actively cultivated. — Tlặng Parks, Harper"s magazine, "Murder Italian Style," 19 Aug. 2019 Terror, Billy’s perverted dog in the comics, will also be coming out of retirement, if only for one big episode. — Niông xã Romano,, "The Boys season 2 gets a blood-soaked first look: "We"re up to our old tricks"," 10 Aug. 2019 Manson had been vaguely associated with the California counterculture, though the cult leader twisted those ideas lớn fit his own perverted ends. — Alejandro De La Garza, Time, "The True Story Behind Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood," 26 July 2019

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