Pinoy là gì? giải thích ý nghĩa của từ pinoy

Here is a recipe for pulớn cake.

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It might sound new khổng lồ you, so let me explain what to lớn expect. If you are familiar with puto (which is a type of Filipino small rice cake), this is a bigger version of it. Aside from the form size, this version is not dense — in fact, it is soft và lighter than traditional pinoy pulớn.


If you are looking for a recipe for soft pulớn, this is a good place to start.

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The use of cake flour is attributed lớn the light & soft texture of cake pukhổng lồ. chú ý that I added slices of salted eggs on top lớn make it taste better because the recipe was basic và does not Call for either vanilla extract or lemon rind. I think that the combination of the cake & salted eggs was a success. Watch the đoạn phim below lớn see my facial reaction when I tried it

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