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1An ornamental tablet, typically of metal, porcelain, or wood, that is fixed khổng lồ a wall or other surface in commemoration of a person or sự kiện.

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‘Commemorative sầu wall plaques và mugs in celebration of 150 years of St. Conleth"s Church are available in the Parish Office.’‘The Cincfleet Admiral took the salute & unveiled a plaque lớn commemorate the event.’‘In addition lớn elaborate marquetry panels và inphối porcelain plaques, much of this furniture was accented with bronze mounts.’‘A commemoration room in the service wing is lớn be created, where all the accumulated plaques & commemoration panels are to reside.’‘In a number of investigations authors have suggested & provided evidence for the adsorption of heavy metals onto the surface of iron plaques.’‘The ‘top shot, ‘as well as others who place in this sự kiện, will receive sầu plaques.’’‘On view are a plethora of objects out of Iranian cultural traditions, from intricate, handmade silk carpets, to metal pots and plaques, khổng lồ books, illustrations và masterpiece calligraphy.’‘The thieves made off with £60,000-worth of objects comprising three small cups, two miniature animal figures, a bowl, two small ornamental plaques & a small ritual cylinder.’‘Winners" plaques, bowling woods, cribbage boards & a railway engine name plate are aước ao the items to lớn go under the hammer at Kidson Trigg auctioneers, in Sevenhampton, Highworth, tomorrow.’‘Specially commissioned carved wood plaques, made by Crookedwood Crafts in Abbeyleix, were presented khổng lồ both the recipients along with framed certificates of achievement.’‘As a three-day ruling tiệc nhỏ congress ended at Victoria Falls, hooligans from Zanu-PF chiselled brass plaques commemorating the dead of two world wars from the cathedral"s sanctuary.’‘We sit in a café, drinking hot chocolate with an entire cow of cream on top, looking at the town festival guide and wondering why so many Germans carry walking sticks with those little metal place plaques nailed lớn them.’‘For me, one of the principal charms of Thủ đô New York City is that it is trang chủ khổng lồ some of the greathử nghiệm jazz figures in history, who are commemorated with plaques, signs or street names in neighbourhoods where they lived.’‘Every buyer gets a certificate and plaques in the wood will show each tree"s location.’‘At the time of the purchase a promise was made that on completion of planting the wood, a plaque showing the location of each tree & the name of the person it was to lớn commemorate would be placed on the site.’‘For £10 per tree, the donor"s name will be inscribed on a plaque in the wood & also included in a time capsule lớn be buried there.’‘There is a plaque on this wall commemorating the successful Stuart expedition as you can see at right.’‘The picture of his agile shot was published all round the globe & to lớn this day there is a plaque marking the sự kiện near the base of the tree.’

2A sticky deposit on teeth in which bacteria proliferate.

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‘plaque around gum margins can lead lớn gingivitis’
More example sentences
‘Pericoronitis - an infection of the soft tissue surrounding the tooth, caused by a build of plaque (a sticky trắng substance that contains bacteria).’‘Salivary bicarbonate can help protect teeth against attack from acids produced by bacteria in dental plaque.’‘Tooth decay is caused by the bacteria in dental plaque breaking down sugar in the foods và drinks that you eat và drink.’‘Most people have irregularities in their teeth where plaque can accumulate out of reach & harden inlớn tartar.’‘Mechanical oral care involves removal of plaque by tooth brushing and/or rinsing of the oral cavity.’‘The milk or juice can pool in her mouth and cause tooth decay và plaque.’‘It is important lớn remove plaque from the teeth thoroughly twice a day.’‘Fermentation of sugars by plaque bacteria causes caries by decalcification & proteolysis of enamel and dentine’‘Bacteria in plaque around teeth metabolize sugars rapidly, creating local areas of high acidity which erode tooth enamel.’‘You probably know that flossing removes plaque from between teeth và at the gum line, where periodontal disease often begins.’‘This involves a thorough clean và polish of the teeth, lớn remove sầu the sticky plaque that can build up.’‘Components of dental plaque are a bacterium known as Streptococcus mutans và to a lesser extent Lactobacilli.’‘When bacteria và food particles stiông xã to saliva on the teeth, plaque forms.’‘So you should do it lớn remove sầu plaque and bacteria.’‘His bad breath is likely from the build-up of plaque on his teeth và bacteria on his tongue, as well as possibly from cavities.’‘It occurs when bacterial plaque & food debris accumulate beneath the flap of gum covering the partially erupted tooth.’‘Dental floss removes plaque from between the teeth where the toothbrush cannot reach.’‘Could the answer for dental plaque be a transplant, not of teeth but of genetically engineered bacteria?’‘He noted that only a submix of bacteria tend lớn be dominant in dental plaque.’‘The etiology of caries is a combination of elements: susceptible teeth, dental plaque, food và the length of time food remains in contact with the teeth.’

3Medicine A small, distinct, typically raised patch or region resulting from local damage or deposition of material, such as a fatty deposit on an artery wall in atherosclerosis or a site of localized damage of brain tissue in Alzheimer"s disease.

‘Atherosclerosis, which develops as fatty plaques within arterial walls, underlies both heart attack and stroke.’
‘To understvà how atherosclerotic plaques become deposited in arteries it is necessary to lớn understvà how the highly insoluble cholesterol is moved about the body.’‘High blood cholesterol can lead lớn deposits of plaques, which narrow your arteries và increase your risk of heart attachồng & stroke.’‘It"s found in the plaques inside the brain that cause Alzheimer"s disease, that insidious loss of memory, then mental function, và eventually identity.’‘They found the pathogen in trăng tròn out of 38 plaques from diseased arteries, but found none in seven normal arteries removed during postmortem examination.’
3.1Microbiology A clear area in a cell culture caused by the inhibition of growth or destruction of cells by an agent such as a virus.
‘Progeny phage that produced clear plaques in the presence of IPTG & X-gal were analyzed by a differential oligonucleotide hybridization technique, as reported.’
‘The comparative analysis of the degree of pathogenecity aước ao Indian isolates of WNV in mice, & their plaque kích thước in cell culture were studied 30.’‘The activated PS2-containing integrins are clustered in basal plaques on each cell, but the PS1-containing heterodimers are not.’‘Several lines of evidence previously implied that oxidative sầu damage to lớn lipid membranes could disrupt normal neuronal và glial cell functioning, leading to the formation of amyloid plaques and khổng lồ neuronal cell death.’‘When DH33h is grown on a mixed lawn of P. phaseolicola and ERA, it infects both hosts and forms clear plaques.’

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