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The Monbởi vì is functional, fun, và handsome, và the tallest woven sisal cát scratching post available. It"s legendary!

The sisal scratching surfaces on The Purrfect View provide kitty with multiple angles & areas to lớn scratch and stretch, as well as cuddle & snooze.

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The Purrfect Post is tall and sturdy, providing horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces to lớn satisfy your kittes.

Variety is the spice of life, so satisfy your cats" stretching & scratching urges with an inclined scratching surface.


Why are these posts so Purrfect?


Because we know what cats need AND want!


Purrfect Posts are designed & produced by a veterinarian who understands mèo behavior.

“I started making Purrfect Posts in response to lớn the multitude of requests I received from people asking me where lớn find the right scratching post for their cats.

Most posts are made without consideration for why cats scratch & how lớn provide for those needs. They are made out of the wrong materials and are too short and too unstable. Cats don"t want to lớn scratch short, fluffy, wobbly things. They want a strong, rough, và sturdy scratching post. Just like a tree!

Each Purrfect Post is hand-made to lớn strict specifications, ensuring the best possible post for your cat. Buying directly from the manufacturer allows you khổng lồ have sầu this superior hàng hóa at a very reasonable price.


Purrfect Satisfaction

Developed by a veterinarian who knows what cats need and want, all Purrfect Post products are designed to be cat-attracting, furniture-saving, cost-effective scratching solutions.

Cats Can Be Demanding: Here"s What They Demvà in a Scratching Post

Many a cat-lover has thrown their hands up in despair, crying "My cát just won"t use a scratching post!" In reality, cats won"t use the WRONG scratching post. Here"s what makes the RIGHT one:

Height: Your cát wants to stretch & pull all of the muscles in his or her back & shoulders when using a vertical scratching post. After all, in the wild, a primary "scratching post" is a tree! Purrfect Posts are tall enough for the biggest cat to fully stretch out against.

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Sturdiness and Stability: Think about that tree again: one thing is sure, it"s not going khổng lồ wobble or topple no matter how aggressively a mèo digs into lớn it khổng lồ pull and stretch those muscles. If you have a wobbly post, your cát is not going to scratch it. Instead, a more stable option will be sought, putting your couch squarely at risk.Superior Material: Cats want a scratching material that shreds beneath their nails, leaving a visible scratch mark, cleaning the old husks from their claws, & allowing for a deep, smooth scratching motion. Sisal fabric, providing all of those characteristics, is a far superior scratching material khổng lồ carpet or sisal rope, which catch cats" claws & pull on their toes. Cats love to scratch sisal fabric, making it the purrfect scratching post material.

Purrfect Posts Please You AND Your Cat


In order for your mèo lớn use a scratching post, it needs to be in a prominent area of your house. A scratcher that is hidden away in a corner does not fulfill your kitty"s need lớn mark territory. But if the post is ugly, you won"t want to display it in the most high-traffic areas of your trang chủ. You"ll hide it in an out-of-the-way spot, & your mèo will end up ignoring it, going for your couch instead. Purrfect Post products have solid wood caps & tryên ổn và come in a variety of understated, classic colors, so you will be happy khổng lồ display them in your house. Shopping for a Purrfect Post is lượt thích finding the perfect accent piece for your decor. A Purrfect Post won"t be the ugly elephant in the room. Because most of our business comes from referrals, we made sure that we created a product that would make a great conversation piece. You will be able lớn proudly tóm tắt with your friends that you found a quality, American-made hàng hóa that works.


"Inky fell in love sầu with her PurrFect Post the minute she saw it when she was 8 weeks old. She"s a year old now & she still loves it and uses it several times eaach day. We"re so pleased that we got it for her. We had new leather furniture when we adopted her và we didn"t want to have sầu her de-clawed. We"re all so pleased that we bought a PurrFect Post instead - và in the year we"ve sầu had Inky, we haven"t had one scratch on our leather furniture - or any other furniture. We love the PurrFect Post as much as Inky does."Chandler, AZ

Why is Made in the USA Important?

Manufacturing our product right here at trang chủ allows us lớn ensure excellent chất lượng control và a superior product. Plus, we want lớn tư vấn our economy & local craftsmanship.

Why Should I Buy Manufacturer-Direct?


Buying your Purrfect Post directly from the manufacturer means you"ll be getting a truly superior scratching post at an affordable price, without the costly middleman markup.


The Purrfect Post is only available through this trang web, so you are assured of getting the lowest price possible and a sản phẩm that is guaranteed to lớn be made khổng lồ our high standards. A comparable post purchased elsewhere would cost at least twice as much.



Disclaimer: This trang web is not intended to replace professional consultation, diagnosis, or treatment by a licensed veterinarian. If you require any veterinary related advice, tương tác your veterinarian promptly. Information at mni-alive.com is exclusively of a general reference nature. Do not disregard veterinary advice or delay treatment as a result of accessing information at this site.

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