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refreshment - snacks và drinks served as a light meal
2.refreshment - activity that refreshes and recreates; activity that renews your health & spirits by enjoyment & relaxation; "time for rest và refreshment by the pool"; "days of joyous recreation with his friends"
1. revival, restoration, renewal, stimulation, renovation, freshening, reanimation, enlivenment, repair a place where đô thị dwellers come to find spiritual refreshment
1. food và drink, drinks, snacks, nibbles (informal), sustenance, titbits, comestibles, kai (N.Z. informal) Some refreshments would be nice.

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A. N (= food) → piscolabis m; (= drink) (non-alcoholic) → refresco m; (alcoholic) → copa f refreshments → refrigerio msing, comidomain authority fsing liviana"refreshments will be served" → "se servirá un refrigerio"khổng lồ take some refreshment → tomar algo, comer or beber
CPD refreshment bar N → chiringuilớn m de refrescosrefreshment room N (Rail) → cantimãng cầu f, comedor mrefreshment stall, refreshment stand N → pueskhổng lồ m de refrescos
(= drinks, light snacks) → rafraîchissement mMay I offer you some refreshment? → Puis-je vous offrir un rafraîchissement?
(= regathering one"s strength) lớn stop for some refreshment → s"arrêter pour se restaurer, s"arrêter pour se sustenterkhổng lồ be in need of refreshment → avoir besoin de refaire ses forces
(= food, drink) (light) refreshment
s → (kleine) Erfrischunren pl; refreshment tent → Restaurationszelt nt; refreshment room → Imbissstube f; (= cafeteria) → Cafeteria f


n (eating, resting) → ristoro refreshments npl (food và drink) → rinfreschi mpl
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503: And the author of the "Aegimius", whether he is Hesiod or Cercops of Miletus (says): `There, some day, shall be my place of refreshment, O leader of the people."
"I tell them to lớn pull hard and that at the over of the day"s journey they will have much rest & refreshment," he translated lớn Professor Bumper and the others.
"Oh, no!" said she; "if you wait a minute, he will be sure to come; for he has business at L-" (that was our market-town), "& will require a little refreshment before he goes."
Some sweet odors suddenly coming forth, without any drops falling, are, in such a company as there is steam and heat, things of great pleasure and refreshment. Double masques, one of men, another of ladies, addeth state & variety.

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