Responsible là gì

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responsible /ris"pɔnsəbl/ tính từ Chịu trách rưới nhiệmkhổng lồ be responsible for something: chịu đựng trách nát nhiệm về việc gì gồm trách nhiệm; đứng đắn, đáng tin cậy; bao gồm đáng tin tưởng (người)responsible government cơ quan chỉ đạo của chính phủ không siêng quyền
nút chịu đựng trách nát nhiệmtrách nát nhiệmresponsible party: bên chịu trách rưới nhiệmresponsible party: bạn Chịu trách rưới nhiệmresponsible person: bên Chịu trách nhiệmresponsible person: bạn Chịu đựng trách rưới nhiệm

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): responsibility, irresponsibility, responsible, irresponsible, responsibly, irresponsibly


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Từ điển Collocation

responsible adj.

1 having the job/duty of doing sth

VERBS be | become | remain | make sb I am making you responsible for the cooking.

ADV. entirely, totally, wholly | chiefly, largely, mainly, primarily | individually | collectively, jointly All members of the Cabinet are collectively responsible for decisions taken. | formally, legally | nominally The company could not indicate a person even nominally responsible for staff training. | ultimately The board is ultimately responsible for policy decisions. | financially

PREP. for They"re responsible for cleaning the engine.

2 being the cause of sth/khổng lồ blame for sth

VERBS be, feel | become | consider sb, deem sb, find sb, hold sb, regard sb as, see sb as, think sb They held hlặng responsible for the failure of the policy.

ADV. entirely, fully, wholly | partially, partly | directly | indirectly | personally | single-handedly, solely He was almost single-handedly responsible for the flourishing drug trade in the town. | ultimately | somehow Did he think her somehow responsible for Eddie"s death? | morally

PREPhường. for Who was responsible for the mistake?

3 having khổng lồ report to sb/sth


ADV. directly | ultimately a complex website of buổi tiệc ngọt bodies ultimately responsible to the Central Committee

PREP. khổng lồ The prime minister is directly responsible khổng lồ Parliament.

4 showing/needing good sense & reliability

VERBS be, seem | become

ADV. extremely, highly, very | fairly, quite | ecologically, environmentally The organization needs khổng lồ become more environmentally responsible. | morally, politically, socially allocating resources in a morally responsible way

Từ điển WordNet


worthy of or requiring responsibility or trust; or held accountable

a responsible adult

responsible journalism

a responsible position

the captain is responsible for the ship"s safety

the cabinet is responsible lớn the parliament

English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

syn.: accountable answerable dependable faithful liable loyal reliable trustworthyant.: irresponsible

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