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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrun up something phrasal verb1 run up a debt/bill etcUSE something lớn use so much of something, or borrow so much money, that you owe a lot of money  She ran up an enormous phone bill.2 to lớn achieve sầu a particular score or position in a game or competition  He quickly ran up a big lead in the polls.3 MAKE run something ↔ up lớn make something, especially clothes, very quickly  She can run up a dress in an evening.4 UP run something ↔ up to lớn raise a flag on a pole → run→ See Verb tableExamples from the Corpusrun up • The narrow wooden stairs echoed as they ran up.• Deep, cramping spasms ran up and down her legs and twitched in her baông xã.• Oh, I wished I still had even my scorpion on a string lớn run up and down somebody"s back!• He wrapped a short raincoat around himself và ran up the front path.• Then the boy ran up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door.• One day, several weeks before, Harold came running up to me as I was getting out of my oto.• His catch was still running up to lớn the surface out of the hold.

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run up a debt/bill etc• They continue to run up bills và never build equity in their house.• Model customers run up bills & pay in installments, with the high interest that makes the business so lucrative.• If my neighbours ran up a bill và refused to lớn pay we would not be expected to pay it.• It became a more serious potential debt trap than running up bills at retailers.• He spent 3 months there, running up bills of £30,000, as yet unpaid.• For Gieves the tailors, the extent to lớn which clients indulged in running up bills regardless had become extremely serious.• The problem of running up debts khổng lồ pay for the elderly is straight-forward. Related topics: Sportrun-upˈrun-up noun    1 → the run-up lớn something 2 DS the act of running, or the distance that you run, before you kiông xã a ball, jump over a pole etcExamples from the Corpusrun-up• But I would lượt thích khổng lồ know how much of a run-up he needed.• When a canvasser called during the election run-up, he decided khổng lồ rejoin.• Taking an absurdly long run-up, I scuffed my first attempt so badly that it trickled past the left-h& post.• I took an unnecessarily long run-up & struông xã the ball well, but high.• The prime minister"s spin doctors paid great attention lớn women"s magazines during the run-up khổng lồ the poll.• In the run-up to the November 1992 presidential elections, education was seen as a key issue.From Longman Business Dictionaryrun up phrasal verb1run up a bill/expenses/debtsFINANCE lớn use a lot of something or borrow a lot of money, so that you owe a lot of moneyHe ran up thousands of pounds worth of debts using other people’s credit cards. 2FINANCE if tóm tắt prices run up, they increaseThe stochồng price had run up just before the giảm giá was announced.

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→ run→ See Verb tablerun-upˈrun-up noun1the run-up khổng lồ the period of time just before an important eventthe run-up khổng lồ the general election2FINANCE when nói qua prices increase, especially suddenly and quicklyrun-up inthe recent run-up in share prices
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