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A:This is an example of an Imperative sentence, or a sentence that gives a command.The verb is slow, meaning to make slower. (slow can be a verb or adjective)The imperative is "slow your scroll" to lớn put that in other words you could say "slow down the speed that you scroll through websites. The imperative sầu is directed towards "people" or all people who are listening. So the sentence means "To all the people listening, I am asking you khổng lồ slow down the tốc độ that you scroll through websites."

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A:A scroll is lượt thích an old script written a long time ago. It"s usually one long piece of paper wrapped around two pieces of wood sticks. rolagem
A:It"s when you move the cursor up và down the screen, when you go through posts on Instagram or Twitter for example
A:Esta palabra tiene varias significas:NavigaciónMost điện thoại thông minh apps use scroll & swipe as navigationScroll(desplazar) khổng lồ the bottom of the page and cliông chồng okPapelThe graduates held their degree scrolls(rollo) for the official photographs The medieval banquet thực đơn was in the format of a scrollArquitecturaThe doric pillars have sầu scrolls (Voluta)on top.
A:Verb - an action used lớn move sầu up và down on a website site."Scroll down the page for more information." "You need khổng lồ scroll up lớn the top of the page lớn see the web page menu."Noun - a rolled piece of paper with information on it, typically stored for later use. "There was an old scroll found in the ruins of the castle." "The scroll contained a large amount of knowledge"
skulriff The elder scrolls doesn’t technically make sense, elder/eldest is specifically used with people.1. This is my elder sister2. The elder of the two men
A:Are you familiar with the phrase "lớn flip through?" I believe its another way of saying that. Like flipping through the pages of a book. "khổng lồ scroll through" would be used more for scrolling down pages of a document or website on the computer.Edit: you could also "flichồng through" television channels. The phrases have similar meanings but are used in different contexts.
Q: The scroll tốc độ of pages has been getting faster these days. I"m glad of that. điều này nghe tất cả tự nhiên và thoải mái không?

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Q: The scroll speed of pages has been getting faster these days. I"m glad with that. tính năng này nghe gồm thoải mái và tự nhiên không?
Q: The scroll is too slow on if you use an option filter! It didn"t use khổng lồ be that way. điều này nghe có thoải mái và tự nhiên không?
A:"The scroll is too slow on if you use an option filter! It wasn"t that way" sounds more natural
Q: They"ve scrolled down far below already, and maybe you can"t find them. cái này nghe tất cả tự nhiên không? là một nền tảng nhằm người tiêu dùng thảo luận kỹ năng của chính mình về những ngôn ngữ với nền văn hóa khác nhau. Chúng tôi tất yêu đảm bảo rằng toàn bộ những câu vấn đáp hầu hết đúng chuẩn 100%.

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