Segue Là Gì

khổng lồ move easily và without interruption from one piece of music, part of a story, subject, or situation khổng lồ another:

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a movement without interruption from one piece of music, part of a story, subject, or situation to another:
Kipling then segues into lớn a crisis that addresses the problematic of character that lies at the heart of imperial discourse on race và hybridity.
The central nature of command is illustrated immediately as the dialogue segues into a discussion of linear precedence.
Features are a good segue between phonetics & phonology, và are indeed often taught in an articulatory phonetics course.
The soft, somewhat vacuous repetition of a truncated version of the song"s title makes a nice segue inlớn the keyboard solo.
Looping, sampling và segueing as found in disteo continued khổng lồ be used as creative sầu techniques within trance music, techno music & especially house music.
The club segued from the collision of electronic and indie in the late 90s inlớn the more pronounced roông chồng và roll of 2001 onwards.
In live sầu performance, a segue can occur during a jam session, where the improvisation of the over of one song progresses inlớn a new tuy vậy.
His performances often begin with mixing records on turntables before segueing inkhổng lồ his original compositions.
These early gigs segued inlớn future sessions with other high-profile artists, and his session career blossomed from there.

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When a fellow passenger asks him about the place, he tells its tragic story, segueing inkhổng lồ a flashbaông chồng.
He grew up as a metal and punk-inclined drummer, but he eventually segued into electronic music production.
Initially a horror comics anthology, it segued lớn giant-quái nhân & science fiction stories in the late 1950s.
For several years, she ran her own catering business until she segued, into food styling và magazine writing.
The stories themselves are centered on either a different planet or in space, with short segues that lead the reader from place khổng lồ place.
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