Just 700 Speak This Language (50 In The Same Brooklyn

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TOPICSSoftware Engineering MethodologiesAgent-based software engineeringArtificial intelligence approaches to software engineeringComponent-based software engineeringEmbedded & ubiquitous software engineeringAspect-based software engineeringEmpirical software engineeringSearch-Based Software engineeringAutomated software kiến thiết and synthesisAutomated software specificationComputer-supported cooperative sầu workAutomated software specificationAutomated software thiết kế and synthesisReverse engineering

Software Engineering Techniques and Production PerspectivesRequirements engineeringSoftware analysis, kiến thiết & modelingSoftware maintenance & evolutionSoftware engineering tools & environmentsSoftware engineering decision supportSoftware thiết kế patternsSoftware hàng hóa linesProcess & workflow managementReflection & metadata approachesProgram understanding and system maintenanceSoftware domain modeling và analysisSoftware economicsMultimedia & hypertruyền thông media software engineeringSoftware engineering case study and experience reportsEnterprise software, middleware, and tools

Artificial IntelligenceArtificial intelligent methods, models, techniquesArtificial life & societiesSwarm intelligenceSmart Spaces

Autonomic computing and agent-based systemsAutonomic computingAdaptive SystemsAgent architectures, ontologies, languages và protocolsMulti-agent systemsAgent-based learning and knowledge discoveryInterface agentsAgent-based auctions and marketplacesSecure mobile & multi-agent systemsMobile agents

SOA & Service-Oriented SystemsService-centric software engineeringService oriented requirements engineeringService oriented architecturesMiddleware for service based systemsService discovery và compositionService màn chơi agreements(drafting, negotiation, monitoring and management)Runtime service managementSemantic web

Data modeling, mining & data analyticsData modeling, aggregation, integration, and transformationWeb and text miningData mining methods, techniques, & toolsData analytics modeling & algorithmsPatterns và frameworksData visualization

Knowledge systems & engineeringKnowledge acquisitionKnowledge-based và expert systemsKnowledge representation và retrievalsKnowledge engineering tools and techniquesTime & knowledge management toolsKnowledge modeling, integration, transformation, and management,Uncertainty knowledge managementKnowledge visualization

Smartphone computing and Smartphone system engineeringmobile App design và developmentInnovative thiết bị di động applicationsPervasive sầu computingsản phẩm điện thoại system validation and thử nghiệm automation

Software & System Quality of ServiceSoft computingSoftware & system testing methodsQuality assurance process, standards, and systemsSoftware safety systemsSoftware kiểm tra automation và toolsSoftware dependability, reliability, scalability

Software & System SecuritySoftware and system security & privacydi động phầm mềm security & privacyEncryption methods và toolsSecurity service systemsCloud, sensor cloud & thiết bị di động cloud securitySmartphone system integrity, security, và fault tolerance

Emergent TopicsCloud computing và Innovative cloud-based application systemsthiết bị di động cloud computing & application servicesBig data analytics application systemsInnovative sensing cloud & systemsLarge-scale cyber systemsIOT và smart đô thị application systemsBig data chất lượng validationBig data application chất lượng services

Smart learning & innovative sầu education systemsLearning software kiến thiết engineeringSmart learning methods & environmentsOnline learning systemssản phẩm điện thoại enabled learning systems and tools

ISLPED 2021 : ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Low Power nguồn Electronics and DesignDeadline :Mon 22 Mar 2021

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United States

CRYPTO 2021 : International Cryptology Conference (CRYPTO)Deadline :Wed 24 Mar 2021

United States

ICISDM 2021 : 5th International Conference on Information System và Data MiningDeadline :Thu 25 Mar 2021

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