Jackson x series soloist sl4x electric guitar

Jackson classes up the neoclassical shred game with this retro-inspired electric

ByJonathan Horsley27 October 2020


Our Verdict

A super quichồng, super cool take on the Soloist format, which after all these years remains one of the finest go-faster S-styles on the market.

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ForThrough-neông xã build yields impressive sustain.Great range of tones, from blues-rock to molten shred.Nice finishes.Very sliông xã playability.Good price.More than respectable build.

(Image credit: Future / Olly Curtis)

Accordingly, there is a double-locking Floyd Rose Special vibrakhổng lồ, which if not quite the same action as the US-built Floyds, is still very stable và a welcome sight for whammy bar gymnasts. Recessed inkhổng lồ the body toàn thân, it has a low protệp tin that makes a comfortable resting point for your picking h&.

The Soloist’s trio of Hot Rails humbuckers are selectable via a five-position blade switch, allowing for some excellent in between tones, with master tone and volume controls khổng lồ fine-tune your sound. Played through a valve amplifier with a hot distortion in front of it, this thing screams, yet there is detail và clarity.

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The SL4X breed of Soloist looks refined but you still suspect that if you were to score its finish with a coin you’d find tiger-striped neon underneath

Hitherkhổng lồ, you might not have bought a Soloist for the cleans, but with this finish, well, why not? A guitar is what you make it, and this has a wealth of characterful cleans that are perfect for blues, even if the 12" -16" compound radius fingerboard nudges you towards the accelerator.

Yes, the SL4X breed of Soloist looks refined but you still suspect that if you were to score its finish with a coin you’d find tiger-striped neon underneath. There is no shortage of hair và teeth once you plug it in.

Is this where the evolution of shred guitar has taken us? If so, we’re all in and suspect that some other shred-adjacent players are too. You could see John Mayer picking this up. He has size, playing a hot pink Jackson Soloist, & this looks as though it visits the same tailor as his Silver Sky.


PRICE: $649 / £599BODY: PoplarNECK: Maple neck-through with graphite reinforcement and scarf JointSCALE: 25.5"FINGERBOARD: Laurel with dot inlayFRETS: 24, jumboPICKUPS: 3x Duncan-Designed HR-101 Hot Rails single-coil sized humbuckersCONTROLS: 3-way pickup selector, 1x volume, 1x toneHARDWARE: Floyd Rose Special Double-Locking Tremolo (Recessed), Jackson Sealed Die-Cast tunersLEFT-HANDED: NoFINISH: Specific Ocean , Gloss Blaông chồng, Snow White, Butterscotch

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