Smack That By Akon

This tuy vậy is blatantly sexual, with Akon describing a girl who is attracted lớn hyên because of his wealth and fame. Knowing this, he considers taking her bachồng lớn his place where he can engage her in a sexual act where she will be positioned in a way that she can look bachồng and see hlặng smacking her in the rear.

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Siahara Shyne Carter from United States>> I saw epic videos about this While he is singing this Song , He ACCIDENTALLY SMACK HIS OWN FACE .... ( everybody laughs ) Lilly from East Meadow, Nyi so figured this, where he said "& possibly bkết thúc ya over, look back và watch me smaông xã that" is what he meantThomas from Stirling, United Kingdomsorry guiio, its pronounced gayarvị, from lambo promoGiulio from Bronx, Nylol it is actually gallarvì exactly how it looks. NOT gayarvày.Kiwi from Brooklyn, Nywow.every song by rappers these days are about sex.see more comments
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