She is terrified of flying…so much so that often she has to lớn fight an inner turmoil even lớn step on the plane.

So much so that Lenin commissioned a leading các buổi party organizer & Georgian, Josef Stalin, to write a counter-attack (Both are from BNC).

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I favored "so much so" in the first sentence more than that in the second. I think it is not good to lớn start a sentence with "so much so".


So much so that Lenin commissioned a leading các buổi party organizer và Georgian, Josef Stalin, lớn write a counter-attachồng (Both are from BNC).

This particular sentence would be considered incorrect. It would be classified as a sentence fragment and needs something before the "so much so".

Your first example was the correct usage:

She is terrified of flying…so much so that often she has to lớn fight an inner turmoil even to step on the plane.

Do note that in an informal context you can split these two parts inkhổng lồ different sentences:

She is terrified of flying. So much so, that often she has to fight an inner turmoil even to step on the plane.

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This deliberately breaks the rule about sentence fragments as a conscious stylistic choice. This is common in fictional literature & would not be recommended in a professional or academic context.

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The first rule of style is not lớn let the so-called hard-and-fast rules of grammar kill your prose. As long as the context is laid out well before using so much so, either in continuation or as the first words of a new sentence, I bởi vì not think you have sầu a problem lớn fret over. That goes for academic writing as well, so much of it is written often in tedious and boring form.

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Is "so much so" correct at all ?

I only know :

so much

so much that

so much as

so much for

so much the (better ! / less to vị.)

I never heard "so much so", except in colloquial speech.

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