Sociopath là gì

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Simply, a replicant who served as a social worker, clinic nurse, or physician, would be more "human" to them than the naturally conceived sociopath.
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The young narrators recount haunting tales of their disturbing relationships with sociopaths và psychopaths.
A master of deceit & a sociopath of the highest order he feels no responsibility for his power or the consequences of his meddling.
People that live with sociopaths và other violent people tover to get these because they have felt betrayal và hatred towards their attackers.
Diaz plays a pathological liar & a sociopath, an immigrant who is now living the high-life after escaping a sordid past as an exotic dancer.
Although highly intelligent & an amateur student of military history, evidence suggests that she may be a sociopath.
Critics have described the character as moody, bitter, antagonistic, misanthropic, cynical grumpy, maverichồng, anarchist, sociopath, and a curmudgeon.

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The petite blonde may be a borderline sociopath, và has no compunction about threatening violence on those that get in her way.
He is also a borderline sociopath, obsessed with and taking immense joy in violence, needing only the slighkiểm tra provocation lớn attaông chồng someone.




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