By entering chemical component IDs, SDF files with ligvà coordinates can be downloaded.

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Downloads are provided for:Coordinates of first chemical component instance from each PDB entryCoordinates of all chemical component instances from each PDB entryIgiảm giá khuyến mãi coordinates from Chemical Component Dictionary

Go khổng lồ the Ligands Downloads Page

File Download Services

Searches và reports performed on this mni-alive.com PDB trang web utilize data from the PDB archive sầu. The PDB archive is maintained by the wwPDB at the main archive sầu, ftp.wwpdb.org (data download details) & the versioned archive sầu, ftp-versioned.wwpdb.org (Versioning details).

Major Directories

Annual snapshots of PDB Archive sầu are available. 

The Versioned Archive sầu is available at https://ftp-versioned.wwpdb.org (See announcement). 

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Web Services

Programmatic access khổng lồ individual structures and/or specific data items is provided through Web Service Application Program Interfaces (APIs).

New Web Service APIs are being developed; users should register with the mni-alive.com PDB API electronic các mục for announcements.

Liên hệ mni-alive.com PDB with questions suggestions for specific services.

Molecular explorationsthrough biology and medicine

PDB-101 is an online portal for teachers, students, and the general public to promote exploration in the world of proteins & nucleic acids.

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Browse all PDB-101 resources by biological theme or start exploring:





Crystal structure of SARS-CoV-2 spike stem helix peptide in complex with neutralizing antibody toàn thân CC40.8


Structure of dimeric phosphorylated Pediculus humanus (Ph) PINK1 with extended alpha-C helix in chain B
Time-stamped Copies of PDB & EMDB Archives

A snapshot of the PDB Vi xử lý Core archive (ftp://ftp.wwpdb.org) as of January 3, 2022 has been added khổng lồ ftp://snapshots.wwpdb.org & ftp://snapshots.pdbj.org.

Paper Published in Glycobiology

Read about the Modernized unikhung representation of carbohydrate molecules in the Protein Data Bank

Remove sầu Redundancy in Search Results

Use the new Group option to lớn simplify results based on sequence identity, UniProt ID, & group depositions.

Deposition of Half-maps for Certain EM Entries khổng lồ Become Mandatory

Deposition of half-maps for single-particle, single-particle-based helical, & sub-tomogram averaging reconstructions lớn EMDB will become mandatory starting February 25, 2022.

Watch Workshops on Open-Source Tools for Chemistry

The Royal Society of Chemistry hosted two webinars on Protein Data Bank at 50: Accessing, Understanding, và Assessing PDB Data

Watch Presentations from the May PDB50 Celebration

The inaugural PDB50 symposium hosted by ASBMB hosted speakers from around the world who have made tremendous advances in structural biology and bioinformatics

Obituary for John Westbrook

John D. Westbrook Jr. (1957-2021) passed away on October 18, 2021. He was incredibly beloved và respected by his colleagues at Rutgers & throughout the world, known for his dry wit và endless enthusiasm for thinking about all aspects of data and data management.

Take the mni-alive.com User Survey & Win

Please take this brief survey khổng lồ be entered inkhổng lồ a drawing for a set of PDB50 Structural Biology Playing Cards.

New PDB Citation MeSH Network Explorer

Find connections between articles describing PDB structures with this new browser

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